The Best Eco Friendly Paint Brands

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The best low VOC, non toxic and natural formulas for a healthier environment

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Lockdown saw an explosion of DIY and searches for paint rise by 77 per cent. But if you’re thinking about giving your own walls a fresh new look, you should also consider some more environmentally friendly paint brands. Low VOCs, natural and organic formulas, recycled packaging and carbon offsetting commitments are all things to look out for when selecting your new shade. Here’s our pick of the best eco friendly paint brands. 

The Best Eco Friendly Paint Brands

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  • Graphenstone


    Not only is Graphenstone paint virtually completely free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), but it also actively improves air quality by absorbing CO2 with the organic lime in its formula. To put things in perspective, three 15-litre tins will absorb the same amount of CO2 as a fully grown tree over a year. Its pots are also made from 100 per cent recycled and recyclable plastic.

  • Little Greene

    Little Greene

    Little Greene’s paint tins are made using 50 per cent recycled steel and can be recycled again once you’re finished with them. It’s water based paints carry the industry’s lowest eco-rating, with almost zero VOCs. Its wallpapers, too, are made from paper which comes from FSC or PEFC certified sustainable forests.

  • Edward Bulmer paint

    Edward Bulmer

    Edward Bulmer’s natural paint is CO2 neutral and made using ingredients like linseed, chalk, earth and pigments which are non toxic and have full organic or equivalent certification. Founder Edward Bulmer is himself an eco campaigner, hosting an annual Spring Greens fair at the brand’s HQ in Herefordshire.

  • Lick neutral paint tin


    In addition to its water-based low VOC formula, Lick is a champion of sustainable initiatives. The brand has partnered with ocean cleaning initiative 4ocean to help remove rubbish from seas, rivers and coastlines. So far in 2021 all Lick purchases have contributed to removing 11,000 kg of plastic from the sea and planting 5,112 trees.

  • Coat


    The only carbon neutral paint company in the UK – Coat’s water based paint is (as you would hope) low VOC, and it has partnered with B Corp certified Eco Union for painting supplies. Its paints are made in the UK to minimise transport emissions, and the brand has swapped wasteful tester pots for easy-to-use swatches. If that wasn’t enough to convince you – it also uses recyclable aluminium tins and is aiming to become carbon positive by working with organisations like Carbon Jacked to offset carbon emissions.

  • Earthborn paint


    A holder of the EU Ecolabel for Indoor Paints and Varnishes, Earthborn manufactures environmentally friendly, breathable paints. Its Claypaint is highly breathable, child safe, non toxic and has almost zero VOCs. Plus, the brand is also open about its ingredients and has a useful guide to its formula

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