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Where to Find Antiques & Collectibles in Liberty London

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Where to Find Antiques & Collectibles in Liberty London

Les Couilles du Chien is in the East Gallery on 4 at Liberty London


Good news for those of you who’ve been missing the Liberty London antiques pop-up on the fourth floor. The iconic London emporium has a new antiques residency from Les Couilles du Chien for 2017.

“Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper.” – Oscar Wilde

Liberty London antiques

Founded by Jerome Dodd more than 25 years ago, Les Couilles du Chien is a decorative antiques dealer and interior design concept brand currently offering a mix of styles and period pieces to customers via two shops in Notting Hill and Marylebone.

“My aim when setting up Les Couilles du Chien was to try and provide an eclectic collection of furniture, lighting and objects curated to inspire and encourage distinctive and personal interiors,” says founder Jerome, who has recently collaborated on projects including Roland Mouret’s London and New York stores, and Christmas schemes for the White House.

Here are a few of the treasures on offer in his Liberty London antiques collection…




Liberty London Antiques Fourth Floor

Large nautilus shell on turned wooden stand, part of a collection of mounted shells. 30cm H X 20cm W £160 from Les Couilles du Chien at Liberty



Liberty London Antiques Fourth Floor

Morpho Didius butterfly in solid oak frame. Part of an extensive collection of framed butterflies and beetles, £110.

The new Liberty London antiques offering has been in the East Gallery on 4 since 23rd January 2017.

Liberty previously housed an antiques collection from Drew Pritchard in its East Gallery on 4 back in 2014.

Those looking for vintage fashion and accessories at Liberty London should check out the designer vintage departments on the second floor and lower ground floor. Their selection often includes Chanel handbags and Louis Vuitton luggage.

Liberty’s fourth floor

New to Liberty? Here’s what else you can expect to find on floor 4…

Liberty’s fourth floor is a treasure trove of exotic objects, rugs, carpets and furniture – Liberty’s speciality since 1875. Historically, rugs were housed on the ground floor, as this wonderful picture below shows. Now, buyer Bruce Lepere insists on seeking out each rug in his fourth floor department personally.

Liberty ground floor history

This decision frequently takes him off the beaten track, with buying trips leading him everywhere from the Khyber Pass and the Dasht-e-Kavir desert, to the bazaars of Peshwar and the Hindu Kusht mountains. Blessed with the ability to spot a top-quality piece at thirty paces, Bruce’s buying skills and passion for bringing awe-inspiring product to Liberty is a true extension of Arthur Liberty’s legacy.

Liberty rugs fourth floor

Complete your antique-seeking visit to Liberty with a trip to the Cafe Liberty. The cakes are always excellent…

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