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The Most Luxurious Beds in the World

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The Most Luxurious Beds in the World

How much would you pay for a good night’s sleep?


What price would you put on a good night’s sleep? On average, we spend a third of our lives in bed, so finding the right one is important. We round up some of the most luxurious beds available in the UK, so you can ensure 2017 is filled with sweet dreams (so long as you don’t mind blowing your budget).

Savoir Beds

Savoir Beds is one of our Great British Brands.

The difference a good night’s sleep on a handmade, properly constructed bed can make to how you face the day ahead is huge. Knowing this, The Savoy Hotel decided in 1905 to create the perfect bed for its guests, and what is now called the No2 bed was born, a bed as famous as some of the legendary names who have slept in them.

Every Savoir bed contains the finest, chemical-free natural materials, from long, curled Latin American horsetail to Mongolian cashmere and British lamb’s wool, and each is designed to provide the perfect sleeping environment. The curled horsetail hair regulates body temperature to optimise the quality for your REM sleep, wicking away from the body the three-quarters of a pint of moisture each of us produces every night, and the hand-tied hourglass springs give the perfect support.

The bed: Savoir No 1 

Savoir No 1

Referred to as the ‘world’s most luxurious sleeping system’, Savoir No 1 promises the ultimate in comfort and luxury. With taller springs and lavish layers of premium-quality natural filling for a deeper mattress and base, it is a naturally high bed that customers reportedly compare sleeping on to ‘floating in a cloud’.

The ultimate luxury item, it takes over 120 to craft a No 1,  80 hours of a master craftsperson’s time on the upholster floor plus the hours our cutter, seamstress and joiner invest in the creation of the bed.

Its frame of hardwood beech has several unique features, such as dovetail joints, Macassar ebony trim, suede upholstery and flexible, hand-tied cane edge. The latter, combined with a generous 2” hair roll with two rows of hand-stitching, give added structure and support the edge. The mattress, topped with a panes of high-tech stretch cotton fabric, is filled with extra deep, high-turn pocket springs, masses of loose, curled horse-tail hair and double layers of carded lambswool. This is topped off with a kilo of pure cashmere included in the topper.

Each bed is hand crafted by a single craftsperson, as well as being fully customisable, the mattress, box-spring and topper is signed by the person who makes it.


If having one of the world’s most luxurious beds isn’t enough to guarantee you a good night’s sleep, Hӓstens will even teach you how to sleep in it. The Swedish luxury bed maker offers 1-2-1 sleep sessions in its flagship store in Fitzrovia with a sleep expert. Hӓstens is the bed of choice for Swedish royalty and celebrities including Christiano Ronaldo and brand ambassador Elsa Hosk. Founded in 1852, every Hӓstens bed is bespoke and hand-made using only the best natural materials including pure flax, cotton, wool, the highest quality Swedish pin and hypoallergenic horse hair.

The bed: The Vividus

Most luxurious beds

With a price-tag of £100,000, the Vividus is potentially the most exclusive bed in the world. It was created with no time (or price) limit, and is formed from hand-sewn layers of horsehair and cotton, with a redwood pine bed frame from north Sweden. Completely customisable to suit any needs.

And so to bed

This luxury bed maker also sells beautiful bed linen and bedroom furniture. You can also speak to a sleep consultant to help improve your sleep habits and bedtime routine.

The bed: The Hoxton Four Poster

Most luxurious beds

Described by the brand as ‘a four poster like no other’, The Hoxton Four Poster is a contemporary, yet palatial take on a four-poster bed, perfect for your town house. A modern alternative to traditional wooden beds, it’s a luxury solid brass four poster. The three panels on the headboard can be upholstered in almost any fabric, allowing for a completely bespoke element. Available in polished nickel and brushed brass. The Hoxton Four Poster starts at £6,725 and is available in sizes from King to Large Emperor.

Simon Horn 

Simon Horn has been Britain’s best known bed maker since 1982 when it transformed British bedrooms with its classic 18th and 19th Century French beds. From the Lit Bateau to the Louis XV and other traditional designs, these romantic beds are still at the heart of Simon Horn. Based on antiques, generously re-sized for modern living, they are handmade using the same craft skills and materials as the originals. Simon Horn also offers a wonderfully eclectic collection of luxury beds and furniture inspired by other classic, contemporary, retro and even futuristic themes. Many have bespoke elements and are made or hand finished to order.

The bed: The Shanghai

Most luxurious beds

The Shanghai lit bateau starts at £11,550 while the Marquis Mattress retails from £1,580.

Harrison Spinks

Harrison Spinks make their beds with wool from their farm in Yorkshire, and sell beds under their Somnus – and Harrison – brands.

The beds:

Somnus Supremacy Connaught 34500 – priced at £7,049 (for a king size mattress with divan)

Somnus Supremacy Connaught 34500

Featuring 34500 Sensa Intelligent pocket springs, the Connaught is Somnus’ most luxurious offering. Its incredible range of natural, hand-teased fillings, including Egyptian cotton, Yorkshire wool, alpaca fleece, hand-teased horsetail, mohair and cashmere, offer responsive support and sumptuous softness. It features NatureCoil, a green plant-based pocket for its springs, plus five rows of hand side stitching, brushed metal inset castors and a luxurious, soft-feel woven damask fabric

Harrison Bed Tailor Solitaire 29800 – priced at £5,699 (for a king size mattress with divan)

Harrison Bed Tailor Solitaire 29800

The Solitaire 29800 features Harrison’s unique ‘nested’ Revolution spring system at its core, boosted by 10 layers of tiny HD titanium alloy springs that work independently of each other to help distribute weight evenly and minimise pressure on the body.

The mattress also features an angora wool blend, cashmere wool and silk blend, Egyptian cotton and silk blend, and hand-teased Yorkshire wool, cashmere hair and white curled hair. These are all kept in place with five rows of hand side-stitching and finished with the finest damask.


A real affordable luxury, the Simba Hybrid bed is the result of 30 years of experience. It combines the comfort of foam with the support of 2,500 patented conical pocket springs. It’s creation involved 30 years’ experience, the sleep insights of more than 10,000,000 people, and 70 Simba prototypes. Described as ‘the most advanced mattress in the world’, the Simba mattress starts at £399.

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