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House Guest: The C&TH Interiors Podcast

Interiors Editor Carole Annett chats with the best of the interior design industry. This week's guest: Arabella Lennox-Boyd

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Welcome to the House Guest podcast brought to you in partnership with Life Kitchens, where C&TH Interiors Editor Carole Annett chats with experts from the world of interior design and decoration, the people behind the houses and hotels you see in glossy magazines like ours. Some of the names will be familiar, and others may be less so, but we’re sure you’ll recognise the hotels and restaurants they’ve designed. And if you’re in the middle of your own building project or restyle, we hope you’ll pick up some tips. Enjoy!

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House Guest: The C&TH Interiors Podcast in Partnership with Life Kitchens

This week’s House Guest is Arabella Lennox-Boyd.

‘I spend most of my time outside in the rain, and apparently it’s very good for your skin,’ says Arabella Lennox Boyd. It’s hard to disagree knowing this elegant Italian-born lady is in her eighth decade.

Arabella has created over 800 gardens for the likes of Trudi and Sting Styler, the Rothschilds and a smorgasbord of royalty. At her own home, Gresgarth Hall in Lancashire, where she moved when her politician husband, Sir Mark Lennox-Boyd won the local seat of Morecambe and Lonsdale, she embarked on one of her biggest challenges. Gresgarth has been a passion project, turning an over-grown tangled birds’ nest into a garden of controlled mastery and unkempt freedom. It’s magical. Tune in to House Guest for more.

Gardens in My Life, by Arabella Lennox-Boyd  (Head of Zeus, £40)

Episode 118: Arabella Lennox-Boyd

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