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Robert Angell | The designer behind London’s ritziest hotels

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Robert Angell | The designer behind London’s ritziest hotels


Luxury interior designer Robert Angell evokes glamour in iconic venues, from The Savoy to The Connaught



Favourite project to date?

It is so difficult to choose but the Study at Lime Wood in the New Forest was definitely a highlight.

Your style is…

Timeless and bespoke to each project. Design and art history shape my own style, evoking glamour and luxury. My clients are ever-discerning, always searching for the next best thing, but they also want to invest in things that are classic. My style reflects this desire for ageless glamour.


Travel, reading inspiring books and magazines or visiting antiques markets in London or Paris. We are very lucky to have so many resources available to us and it is sometimes overwhelming.

If you could redesign any building?

One of the new landmark buildings in London. They are very impressive but their interiors have a slight global predictability. I would like to inject some London identity while creating a sense of newness and sophistication to reflect the striking architecture.

Favourite building?

I have always loved ecclesiastical architecture, these buildings always commanded the best craftsmanship and techniques of their time. So my favourite building is perhaps a spire-inspired building by Renzo Piano. I hugely admire his work since he and Richard Rogers turned buildings inside out with the Pompidou Centre and Lloyd’s building.


Balcony Rooms at The Berkley Hotel

Best place you’ve visited this year?

I love going to Maison et Objet in Paris. I could spend hours there.

Trends to watch out for?

Materials that are fused together, whether it’s a striking macassar ebony, with a stunning embossed stitched leather trim or a warm marble with inlayed metal.

robert angel design library suite connaught

The Library Suite at The Connaught

… any to be avoided?

It has to be perfect, so if there is any doubt in your mind, it is not right.

Most prized possession?

I collect art and photography and recently bought Miles Aldridge’s Carousel collection. I had the pleasure of working with him on some of my projects, and the collection has a lot of these memories attached to it.

What does your home say about you?

It’s work in progress. I am constantly adding pieces and evolving its style.

How do you unwind?

I like go to the gym and I love spinning as I find it is a great release. It gets me energised and it’s intense exercise, so it means that while I am there all I am thinking about is peddling like mad and not stopping.


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