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sustainable homeware brands: sustainable homeware brands: Muck N Brass

Sustainable Homeware Brands

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This summer, it’s time to incorporate conscious consumerism into our interiors shopping habits. Not sure where to start? Worried you’ll have to sacrifice style in the name of environmentally friendly choices? Think again. Get to know the below sustainable homeware brands and give your home a positive update that will have guests lusting after your creative eye and your conscious shopping-decision-making skills.

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Sustainable Homeware Brands


Weaver Green

best sustainable homeware brands: weaver green

Interiors brand Weaver Green understands the severity of the world’s plastic pollution problem. That’s why they’re doing their bit to help. All Weaver Green’s textiles and home accessories look and feel like materials such as cotton and wool, but are made from 100% recyclable materials. In fact, they are responsible for recycling over 80 million plastic bottles and turning them into beautiful, contemporary home textiles.

Lillian Daph

Lillian Daph

Created by the founders of sustainable homeware brand Weaver Green (above), Lillian Daph has a collection of cushions and throws made from around 300 discarded plastic bottles.

Muck N Brass

sustainable homeware brands: Muck N Brass

You might’ve seen Muck N Brass founder Zoe Pocock on BBC One’s Flipping Profit or co-presenting on Cbeebies’ Junk Rescue, teaching the public about the benefits and joys of upcycling. Her brand, Muck N Brass, creatively re-purposes once loved homeware items such as furniture and lighting that have been dumped, turning them into modish homewares that can make any room pop.


sustainable homeware brands: relish

Connoisseurs of vintage furniture, Relish is a lifestyle brand selling pre-loved vintage homewares. This is the most sustainable way to shop, because you’re not buying something new, creating demand for and consuming more. From a Danish chair to an antique French chaise lounge, Relish boasts a treasure trove of unique pieces to update your home with.

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sustainabe homeware brands: Zuperzocial

Their tableware collection is eco friendly, with durable plates made from corn starch and bamboo fibres. They’re produced in China, and employee care is highly regulated to make sure no child labour is present and that employees don’t come into contact with harmful materials. Also, each product is biodegradable, decomposing within 24 months, meaning that if for some reason items do end up in a landfill, they won’t be there for long. Even the labels on the packaging are recyclable! Zuperzocial at


sustainable homeware brands: Vaya

Vaya’s preserve jars are a super convenient way to store food and eliminate the need for plastic packaging. Take them with when getting a takeaway and ask the restaurant to fill them up with your order so that you don’t have to use their (sometimes disposable) packaging – Vaya’s jars can keep food fresh and either warm or cold for 6 hours. You can also fill a kitchen shelf with these babies and take them with to zero waste shops to buy groceries like pasta and nuts. Perfect for also storing coffee, buy from Percol, an organic, fair trade, plastic-free brand selling instant, beans, ground, bags, and iced coffee.



Keep a couple of these reusable bottles in the kitchen so that whoever is running out the door can grab one and never has to buy a single-use plastic bottle again. The stainless steel bottles are BPA-free (a chemical used to make certain plastics such as plastic bottles) and Waikiki is the only reusable bottle brand with a Take-Back programme, meaning when you no longer want or need your bottle, you can send it back to Waikiki and ‘support a circular economy’.

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SEP Jordan

sustainable homeware brands: SEP Jordan

An eco-sustainable brand, SEP Jordan’s products are hand-embroidered minimising the use of machinery, and the fabrics they use are spared from chemical colouring. SEP Jordan is also sustainable in the sense that it is helping refugees sustain life. A social enterprise as well as a stylish homeware and accessories brand, their linen towels and throws, ideal for a summer bbq, are hand embroidered by refugees in the Middle East who are respected, treated fairly, paid fairly, and encouraged to be creative and have fun with the production process.

Nisi Living

sustainable homeware brands: Nisi Living

Fill your garden with Nisi Living’s pouffes and outdoor cushions, made from recycled plastic. With a distinctive Mediterranean-style design and conveniently suitable for different weather conditions, these homeware pieces handmade in fair-labour, fair-trade workshops in India make a beautiful and positive investment.

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My Howse

My Howse’s eco friendly paints are sold in recyclable tins, and the paints themselves are virtually free from VOC’s (volatile organic compounds that can have both short-term and long-term dangerous effects on personal health and the atmosphere), making the paint a much kinder choice for the environment.


sustainable homeware brands: Tincture

The cleaning products? Natural and free of nasty toxins. The bottles? Well, once you finish the product, you can buy refills in recyclable glass bottles via their website.

Greener Cleaner

sustainable homeware brands: Greener Cleaner

A refreshing alternative to ugly hard plastic cleaning utensils, Greener Cleaner’s Eco-Flek and Nature collections include durable cleaning products such as brooms, window wipers and feather dusters made from both recycled plastic and sustainable wood pulp. The handles of the Nature range are made from 100% bamboo, which is the fastest renewable source in the world.


sustainable homeware brands: Frenchic

Another fantastic eco friendly paint brand, Frenchic paint has all its ingredients on the can, for full transparency. You’ll find no VOC’s, solvents or toxins inside, and the smell is minimal, making the brand an ideal choice for indoor painting. Frenchic is also EN:71-3 certified, meaning the paint is completely safe to use on children’s furniture.

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