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50 best interior designers in the UK

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50 best interior designers in the UK

Time for a revamp? Look no further than Ruth Bloomfield's A–Z of the UK's top 50 interior designers


Looking for the best interior designers in the UK? Look no further… Check out Ruth Bloomfield’s round-up of the top 50. Revamping your home has never been easier. 

1. Abigail Ahern

Abigail Aherne

Abigail Aherne

Queen of the cool and quirky and a pioneer of the vintage movement. Unafraid of colour; a speciality is spray painting brown furniture to give it a 21st-century pop. Bohemian and great fun.

2. Anouska Anquetil

One of the best interior designers for those seeking the glamorous and completely feminine, Anquetil is a huge fan of the decorative arts, so think plenty of gilt and lacquer to create luxurious – yet not too blingy – interiors. Time spent working in Paris gives her schemes a charmingly Gallic edge.

3. Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari

Niloufar Bakhtiar Clignet

Niloufar Bakhtiar-Bakhtiari

Chic and elegant – but with a twist. This designer always adds a quirky or humorous flourish, like a ‘Rule Britannia’ guest room created for French clients in red, white and blue, with graphic wallpaper featuring London buses and taxi cabs.

4. Tom Bartlett

Sits at the modern end of modern, with a holistic approach which marries modernist architecture with a layer of colour and idiosyncrasy which is, according to Bartlett, not totally bound by ‘good taste’ – although never lapsing into kitsch.

5. Bill Bennette

Bill Bennette

Bill Bennette / The Light Corporation

Operating discreetly right at the top end of the market; the ultimate go-to guy for oligarchs and foreign royals. Super-luxe designs with an emphasis on simple shapes and a natural palette executed lavishly. Dislikes clutter.

6. Fiona Barratt Interiors

Fiona Barratt Interiors

If you’re looking for a designer who will really work with the space you’ve got and incorporate elements of the building at every stage, Fiona Barratt-Campbell is the choice for you. From grand modern city office spaces to cosy country residences, her portfolio speaks for itself.

7. Tara Bernerd

Tara Bernerd

Tara Bernerd

Bernerd’s specialities are confident space planning, intricate detailing and a bold sense of colour. A self confessed rule-breaker and lots of fun.

8. Saskia Blyth

One of the best interior designers for those who need all the trimmings… Blyth creates homes with all the bells and whistles: think cinemas, underground pools, subterranean wine cellars and – of course – bullet proof safes. And for really time-poor clients she’ll even choose a CD collection.

9. Martin Brudnizki

Martin Brudnizki

Martin Brudnizki Design Studio

For party pads and entertainment space with the wow factor, Brudnizki is your man. As well as houses, he has designed interiors for some of the most glamorous dining rooms in London, from Le Caprice to Scott’s. Describes his style as ‘minimalism deluxe’, so be prepared to chuck out the chintz.

10. Oliver Burns

Husband-and-wife team who design grand homes, but with a strong emphasis on family spaces. Their commitment to thoughtful luxury shines through in all that they do, seeking the best finishes in the most ethical way possible.

11. Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell

Nina Campbell

Grande dame of design, and quintessentially English. She is said to completely redecorate her own home every five years so she doesn’t forget what her clients are going through. Great sense of wit too.

12. Nick and Christian Candy

Uber-developers behind the unfeasibly splashy One Hyde Park development, the Candy brothers can also give your home the top end treatment. Contemporary luxury, and brilliant on cutting-edge integrated technology.

13. Paul Carter

Paul Carter

Paul Carter Designs

Describes his style as ‘classic modern’. Loves comfort, but hates homey, and is a fan of ‘sludge colours’. Clients include Donatella Versace (he created a room especially for a birthday party the designer hosted for Madonna) and Melanie Griffith and Antonio Banderas.

14. David Collins

Counts Madonna and Tom Ford amongst their international client list. An expert in restaurants – The David Collins Studio has also put a distinctive mark on The Wolseley, Marcus Wareing at The Berkeley, The Connaught, Claridges as well as many of Gordon Ramsay’s eateries. A master of texture and aficionado of fine workmanship. Contemporary and likes colour – especially blue.

15. Charlotte Crosland

Charlotte Crosland

Charlotte Crosland

A lover of colour and pattern, the multi-award winning Crosland mixes contemporary and traditional styles to create timeless schemes. Says she aims for cosy – not cold – and avoids cutting-edge fashion which dates rapidly. A well-deserved entry in our edit of the best interior designers in the UK.

16. René Dekker Design

Rene Dekker

If it’s opulent luxury you lust after then Dekker can provide it. After a stint as head of residential interiors at Shh, Dekker launched his own luxury design firm, Rene Dekker Design.

17. Philippa Devas

Devas Designs

Devas Designs

Her stated aim is to create pared-down, restful interiors, with an emphasis on natural materials (think wooden floors, cosy rugs and lots of linen). A fine eye for art, and likes to mix contemporary and period furniture.

18. Kamini Ezralow

South African-born designer whose schemes are opulent, traditional and grand – but yet intimate. The colour palette is discreet, the materials impeccable and the end result is old-school elegance.

19. Mark Gillette

Mark Gillette

Mark Gillette

Describes his style as a sharper version of traditional and aims to create rooms that won’t date. A big fan of colour. Abhors ‘nondescript, hotel-like’ rooms.

20. Helen Green

Elegant, modern and classic. A strong track record on hotel design as well as private houses means Green’s work is heavy on the comfort and luxury factor. One of the best interior designers for those that favour a neutral – although not sterile – palette.

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21. Nicholas Haslam LTD

Nicky Haslam

Nicholas Haslam LTD

Award-winning designers Paolo Moschino and Philip Vergeylen turn out sophisticated interiors that are recognized globally. The look is elegant, with the occasional whimsy of hot colour, a dash of leopard print or scaled-up accessories.

22. Karen Howes

Taylor Howes

One of the best interior designers for timeless elegance and modern sophistication. With over 25 years’ experience in interior design, Taylor Howes has worked on luxurious country estates, chic hotels and well-known restaurants, as well as planning and designing a number of London’s premier developments. They enjoy integrating bespoke pieces in their designs and create spaces that are as stylish as they are comfortable and functional.

23. Veere Grenney

Former Portobello Road trader who fuses classical and contemporary. Responsible for the penthouses at Claridges, notable for their particularly sumptuous bathrooms. Widely travelled (one of his new projects is a house on Long Island) and draws inspiration from India, Morocco, Afghanistan and Turkey.

24. Anouska Hempel

Anouska Hempel

Design File / Architecturaldigest

East meets west in Hempel’s design philosophy, whether she’s turning her hand to traditional or cutting-edge projects. This renaissance woman virtually invented the concept of the boutique hotel, and her designs are simply iconic.

25. Ashley Hicks

Interiors are in his blood – his father is the legendary lamented David Hicks. Hicks junior’s style is classic but slightly funky; a very grown up exponent of good taste. Also, designs a range of furniture.

26. Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen

Kelly Hoppen

Glamour-puss whose clients include Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law and the Beckhams. Famous for her blonde mop, being Sienna Miller’s stepmother, and her love of muted colours. Bring on the taupe.

27. Suzy Hoodless

A veteran of both Designers Guild and Wallpaper*, Hoodless is so cool you want to cry. Brings an edgy style to anything from city centre crash pads to country piles. Adventurous and eclectic, and gloriously unafraid of colour.

28. Mark Humphrey

Mark Humphrey

Mark Humphrey / Flickr

Gorgeous, opulent and full of razzamatazz. Describes himself as an artist, designer and innovator, and is a great patron of small British businesses. Clients include not one but two former Beatles (Ringo and George).

29. Chester Jones

Chester Jones interiors

Chester Jones interiors

A trained architect and former managing director of Colefax & Fowler, Jones is a legend in the world of interiors. He brings a classical sensibility to his designs and is an expert in fine arts and bespoke furniture; the end result is elegant simplicity.

30. Michael Keech and Graham Green

Met at Ralph Lauren and took the concept of understated, masculine luxury with them when they left. Aspirational and glamorous, they count a number of premiership footballers (the ones with some taste) on their client roster.

31. John Minshaw

John Minshaw designs

John Minshaw designs

Pared-back classical interiors combine precious antiques with a 21st century mood and he is a past winner of the coveted title of Designer of the Year at the Design & Decoration Awards. Abhors too much pattern, and don’t mention stripes.

32. Tim Murray and Ben Addy

The pair run Moxon Architects, a forward-thinking and cutting-edge architectural practice that rethinks the use of space in a home, and utilises the latest technology. Particularly hot on sustainability. Sleek, spare, and super cool.

33. Wendy Nicholls

Wendy Nicholls

Wendy Nicholls

Managing director of the interior design section of the Colefax group, Nicholls has years of experience; a passion for antiques and a chameleon approach: tailoring her designs to suit each individual.

34. Sir Peter Osborne

Clearly, after four decades at the helm of Osborne & Little, the father of the Chancellor of the Exchequer is getting his sums right. Expect bold designs and flashes of jewel-bright colours.

35. Caroline Paterson

best interior designersin the UK: Caroline Paterson Interiors

Caroline Paterson Interiors

Cut her teeth in the furniture department of Christie’s and possesses an encyclopaedic knowledge of fine antiques. An eclectic style and a mistress of adding exuberance to a room with a pop of colour.

36. Maurizio Pellizzoni

Charming Italian alumni of Ralph Lauren, who describes his style as ‘boheme chic’. Loves to mix colour, fabrics, and luxe materials.

37. Henrietta Perry

Henrietta Perry

Henrietta Perry

Award-winning bright young thing who aims for timeless elegance with a neutral palette. Uses bespoke pieces, luxurious fabrics and polished finishes to create a chic high end finish.

38. Peter Phan

Deeply influenced by his Vietnamese roots and the nation’s French colonial heritage, Phan creates an updated, eclectic look mixing antique French furniture with modern pieces, and plenty of raw silk and raffia. The end result is gorgeous and unique – a more formal, grown up version of shabby chic.

39. Gregory Phillips

Gregory Phillips

Gregory Phillips

An architect and interior designer who can reconfigure your home as well as dress it: the style is simple luxe and contemporary – clean lines and natural materials: leather, wood and stone. Clients range from fashion designers to peers of the realm.

40. Mikhail Pietranek

Not a name which conjures up Scotland, but this Aberdeenshire-based designer oversaw the £1m revamp of Birkhall House for the Prince of Wales and has a royal warrant to prove it. On a one-man mission to make tartan trendy.

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41. Katharine Pooley

Katherine Pooley

Katherine Pooley

If experience is key in your hunt for the best inerior designers, look no further. Everyone from Mohammed Al Fayed to Alexandra Tolstoy has employed Pooley. Clients love her discretion and attention to detail. Pooley has visited more than 200 countries, and her travels flavour her English style.

42. Christopher Prain

His projects combine beauty, atmosphere, elegance and – above all – individuality. An expert in bespoke furniture design, which he mixes with antique pieces, but absolute hates anything repro. Expect quirky touches like vintage maps printed across floors and hand-made artwork.

43. Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

Michael Reeves

A master of pared-down chic, heavy on neutrals; his schemes have the look and feel of a very, very lovely boutique hotel. A great eye for antiques.

44. Stephen Ryan

Slick, tailored and with a masculine edge, this modern classicist likes playing with colour (‘beige is so boring’) and uses a contemporary backdrop to display wonderful antiques.

45. Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

Henrietta Spencer-Churchill

Henrietta Spencer-Churchill Designs and Collections

There’s regal influence in blue-blooded Henrietta’s timeless designs. A princess of interior proportions, architectural harmony and classic elegance, but then she did grow up in Bleinham Palace.

46. Janine Stone

A high-end modern classicist, whose jobs included the lavish refurbishment of Old Wood, in Betley, Robbie Williams’ former country pile. Loves clean lines and simple colour schemes.

47. Helen Turkington

Helen Turkington Interiors

Helen Turkington Interiors

This Northern Irish designer blends sophistication with liveability. Think delicately refined yet comfortable, with palate-perfect combinations of pastel and white.

48. Melissa Wyndham

Elegant, relaxed and understated, with an canny eye for how to mix contemporary and antique furniture, often in the grandest surroundings: recent projects include Lismore Castle in Ireland and Glamis Castle. She died in 2015.

49. Joanna Wood

Joanna Trading

Joanna Trading

English through-and-through, with a classic style. A lover of dignified colour: think sage, blues and yellows. Rather grand and a great sourcer of antique treasures. A well-deserved entry into our 50 best interior designers in the UK list.

50. Freddy van Zevenbergen

Started his career with Nicky Haslam before striking out with business partner Tom Browning. Fresh and sparky, creating smart, elegant and considered design with some quirky and unexpected detailing.

Now you’ve found the best interior designers in the UK, get some inspiration for your home…

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