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The Chanel N°5 of bedlinen

For many people the first cup of coffee in the morning has to be perfect: the best organically- sourced beans paired with a specific type of milk and the correct amount of froth. That reassuring feeling of the familiar first sip is exactly what Draper London is aiming to recreate with its stylishly modern bedlinen. Launched three years ago by Stephanie Betts (founder of luxury bedding company Josephine Home) after she realised the brand’s social media followers were a surprising 50:50 split of men and women, the gender neutral online company offers similar quality at a more affordable price. Which means a choice of tailored ‘ingredients’ so each individual can make their bed just as they like it, layer by welcoming layer – and, as a result, achieve the ultimate night’s sleep.


Tapping into the shift towards clean-lined ‘bedscapes’ – beds that look inviting and are easy to pull together – Draper London’s mindful consumerism values are aligned with a new generation of shoppers who invest time in researching products with integrity before they buy. Bedlinen is used every day and owned for years so for Draper London it needs not just to be able to stand the test of time but also to give those using it a sense of joy. Inspiration for the designs comes from 1960s Savile Row tailoring and this is evident in the brand’s balance of a soft and silky 300-thread-count Egyptian cotton percale fabric and trademark understated grosgrain trim. It’s no wonder design columnist Lucia van der Post once called it ‘the Chanel No5 of bedlinen’.

What makes the company both sought-after and emulated is its next-level approach to luxury as an emotional experience: the fluffiest towels that feel like an embrace

Craftsmanship is at the core of the company and there’s a focus on the smallest of details: neat stitching, a French tail on the duvet covers that tucks under the mattress (meaning no fiddly buttons), and generosity of size, including a deeper than average fit for fitted sheets. Everything has been designed in-house in England and is therefore unique to Draper London. Years were spent on development and testing by laundry experts who assessed for technical performance and, as the products are made in Europe, Draper London has complete control of quality and finish. Provenance aside, what makes the company both sought -after and emulated is its next-level approach to luxury as an emotional experience: the fluffiest towels that feel like an embrace and bedlinen that creates a sleep sanctuary of sweet dreams.


This unique Draper London DNA appeals to its in-the-know international clients, who demand the absolute best of the best. From Hollywood royalty to pop stars and power couples, from five-star hotels – such as the Mandarin Oriental in London and Hong Kong – to private individuals with homes in Malibu and the Hamptons, what unites them all is the desire for homeware that is the real McCoy. Nothing is more rewarding for Stephanie and the team than when they hear happy stories about how children have fallen asleep more easily when the brand’s bedlinen is on the bed; or about adults who feel more rested in the morning and resolve henceforth ‘to buy only Draper London’. With its considered aesthetic Draper London stands out for delivering an authentic 360° experience with the highest level of comfort.


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