Design Services
Creating beautiful tailor-made interiors with a wow factor

Founded by Charu Gandhi in 2014, Elicyon is a multi award-winning design studio whose work ranges from ultra-luxury developments to complex heritage homes involving clever space planning and bespoke joinery. Always working with clients ‘to weave a story around the project that is informed by the location, history and setting of the property,’ the studio considers everything from where the spare linen will be stored to stocking up the drinks cabinet with suitable cut glass, lemon slices and nuts. Yet, Charu says, these are far from ‘instant homes.’ Instead, the storyline is the backdrop, often featuring incredible pieces sourced from around the globe. ‘We have curated complete art collections for projects or displayed and celebrated clients’ existing sports memorabilia or antique jewellery.’

Charu is personally involved in the creative visions of each project but the team works collaboratively so that clients benefit from the best of their collective knowledge


Over the last five years Elicyon has evolved from a core design collective of five (which includes creative director Cecilia Halling and projects director David Harris) to a team of 20. As part of a vision to be regarded as one of the world’s most prestigious interior design brands, the studio is very selective about commissions, only committing to a project when they can give it complete dedicated focus. Obsession with design, perfection and detail, as well as always bringing projects in on time, on budget and with a significant wow factor, ensures client expectations are exceeded. Charu is personally involved in the creative vision of each project but the team works collaboratively so that clients benefit from the best of their collective knowledge.


Interiors typically combine sumptuous fabrics and textures with rich colour palettes to create rooms that feel truly holistic, fresh and timeless. A network of trusted artisans contributes joinery, furniture and lighting made especially for the proportions of the space. And popular interior trends such as the use of textured stone finishes and blackened metals may feature in a scheme (for instance, by adding a blackened brass trim to a piece of joinery in weathered blond timber). The studio is also moving away from heavier curtains to explore using exquisite sheer fabrics and replacing traditional rugs with abstract, deconstructed pieces.

Current projects in the UK include an apartment in Knightsbridge and a property in Mayfair (Elicyon recently completed its fifth apartment at One Hyde Park). On the international stage, the studio is working towards the August completion of a 29,000 sq/ft penthouse in Dubai and branching out into hospitality design with a hotel project in Sri Lanka. Last month saw the Elicyon Studio move to a beautiful, spacious new home in Kensington Village, which will act as a showcase of the design journey offered to clients, with a spectacular sample library and several pieces made especially for the space.

‘We create interior couture for some of the best addresses in the world through the most exquisite design vision and truly bespoke solutions, championing craftsmanship and artisan products,’ concludes Charu, whose future ambitions include a luxury home accessories and furniture collection and a boutique where clients can enjoy the full Elicyon experience. Watch this space.