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Martin Kemp Design
The finest design solutions for some extraordinary spaces in the super prime residential market

A highly creative studio, renowned for its focus on the super prime residential market, Martin Kemp Design (MKD) also works across interiors, developments, architecture, yachts, private jets and furniture. ‘Something which isn’t often realised is that I embrace a variety of styles,’ says Martin Kemp, who founded MKD seven years ago. ‘The studio thrives on designing both ultra-modern properties and grand classical mansions. Our forte lies in being able to bring a client’s vision to life regardless of whether they seek a country or town, elegant or dynamic, floral or geometric look.’ This involves a close understanding of his clients and attentiveness to the smallest detail in order to create truly considered spaces. ‘We certainly look at the lifestyle of each individual very carefully, noting how they walk, sleep, their personal taste, whether they are left-handed or right-handed, their colour sensitivities and so forth, all of which lend an added dimension to our work,’ he continues. ‘Couple this with a level of detail seldom seen and I hope we exceed expectations.’ The studio regularly collaborates with key consultants, from architects to engineers, cabinet-makers to embroiderers, all of whom are regarded as the best in their field. ‘We challenge their comfort zone and push the boundaries, so the results we bring as a team are often unexpected and always special.’

We look at the lifestyle of each individual very carefully, noting how they walk, sleep, their personal taste, whether they are left- or right-handed, their colour sensitivities

A favourite with aspirational individuals and families who seek an extraordinary service and an extremely high level of sophistication and finish, MKD takes a versatile approach to design. ‘I can’t impress how much I find any design style stimulating, nothing should ever be considered bad, just different,’ says Martin, whose sensitivity, sincerity and humble Welsh origins shine through. He is always thinking about ‘where a chair needs to be placed in a room, how light falls against a rug, logical places for cups of tea and the practicalities of daily life, alongside beauty’.

Born into an artistic family (his late mother was a portrait artist and a huge influence), Martin’s parents always encouraged him to pursue a creative career. He cites one of his recent stand-out projects as Clarges Mayfair, a development overlooking Green Park consisting of luxury residences, a spa and cinema, which completed last year. Current homes he is working on include an Alpine chalet, a grand mansion on the Mall in London and a contemporary apartment in New York. ‘Additionally, my personal objective is to complete the production of a homeware lifestyle collection in memory of my late mother, from whom I continue to draw so much inspiration,’ he says.

Modern in their approach but classically versed, Martin and his team work as a family in the process of redefining spaces and furnishings – a relationship he is keen to echo with clients. An unconventional and original thinker, ultimately Martin wants to challenge perceptions of how things are seen. ‘I am currently conceiving an extraordinary organic house to be constructed outside the UK with no straight walls, fluid interiors and spaces which symbiotically pass from one to another. What could be more satisfying for an artist than that?’, he concludes.