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One of England’s oldest soft furnishing brands, renowned for its botanical, hand-drawn patterns

Founded in 1860 by Arthur Sanderson, who imported luxury French wallpapers before producing his own, the company was granted its first royal warrant by King George V. From such a prestigious seal of approval, Sanderson grew quickly: now the company is internationally renowned for its quintessentially English, nature-inspired style. The product range – which is sold in over 70 countries – encompasses printed fabrics, weaves, embroideries, paint, home accessories and of course, wallpaper. It also continues to supply fabrics, wallpapers and paint to HM Queen Elizabeth II and the British royal households today.

Sanderson’s distinctive floral signature…begins as a piece of artwork sketched from real life by the talented studio design team, on their field trips to the countryside

Sanderson’s distinctive floral signature stems from a genuine love of English hedgerows – all patterns begin as a piece of artwork sketched from real life by the talented studio design team, on their field trips to the countryside. Aside from nature, the extensive archive is a wonderful resource, containing precious collected pieces that date back to the Renaissance. It’s no wonder that time spent delving through the drawers can often spark creative ideas. Working to a definitive core colour palette (which is injected with new highlights each season) means that there is effortless coordination across the full range. And the production process is managed by highly skilled in-house craftsmen from start to finish, from designers to colourists, and from engravers to printers.


Inspired by the science of botany, their new spring collection, The Glasshouse, encapsulates the wonder of flowers and foliage in art. Accurately interpreting the exquisite detail of botanical drawing, it showcases the beauty of the natural world. ‘The wide array of plants featured in the collection pays homage to the intrepid explorers of yesteryear who journeyed to far off lands in search of new and exciting additions to the gardens of Victorian England,’ explains Rebecca Craig, head of design at Sanderson. ‘The Glasshouse is a celebration of these treasures, reinterpreted into fabrics, wallpapers and weaves.’ Prints such as birds of paradise, fan palms and fernery come in a complementary blend of tropical tones, plus classic blush and aqua hues.

With its catalogue of iconic patterns Sanderson also regularly partners with companies on a wide range of products, from bedlinen to rugs and tableware. In 2018 the company teamed up with Radley on a 20th-anniversary capsule collection of bags. Another milestone last year was the relaunch of the paint collection, first introduced by Arthur Sanderson in 1900 to sit alongside his wallpapers and fabrics. There are now 154 paint colours, available in a selection of finishes, and all tinted in-house, in the same facility where the wallpapers are manufactured.

Looking ahead to autumn, the next collection of wallpapers and fabrics will have an eclectic global flavour, with a nod to the idea of souvenirs brought home from far-flung travels. Whatever the theme, Sanderson’s recognisable style and sure colour sense will be endlessly enriched both by its long heritage and its love of imbuing nature into our modern living space.