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Where to Buy: The Best Kitsch Christmas Decorations


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Where to Buy: The Best Kitsch Christmas Decorations

We've picked a few of the best Christmas decorations for your Christmas tree to get you feeling festive...


Whether you’re going bold and trashy or chic and understated, there’s nothing to get you in the Christmas spirit quite like decorating your Christmas tree. We’ve picked 10 of the best Christmas decorations for your tree to get you feeling festive. 


Before you start, you might want to read our guide to decorating your Christmas tree. The most important things to remember are to trim your tree into shape before you start (not recommended for imitation trees…), and not to be too ordered. Pick Christmas decorations that make you feel warm, fuzzy and festive rather than sticking to a strict colour code.

With that in mind, check out our pick of the top 10 cute and kitsch Christmas tree decorations for 2018. From crazy cat garlands to classic royal guard figurines, there’s something for everyone.

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Harrods Soft Boiled Egg Christmas Decoration, £18

Meri Meri Sausage Dog Christmas Tree Decoration, £10.95

John Lewis & Partners Moonstone Faux Fur Husky Tree Decoration, £8

Alice Mary Lynch Lion Tree Topper, £250, Harrods

Harrods Shopping Bag Christmas Decoration, £10



Tasselled Ferris Wheel Tree Topper, £38

Jayne Redmond Ceramic Circus Elephant Christmas Bauble, £35

Christmas Cat Garland, Imperial War Museum, £5


Tinker Tailor Tourism Policeman Tree Decoration, £13, John Lewis


Halcyon Days Baubles for Cliveden House, £39 (available at Cliveden House Boutique).


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