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What To Wear To Your At-Home Gym Class

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C&TH’s Fashion Director Nicole Smallwood shares her favourite new activewear for at-home workouts – feel good and you’ll do your best work

What to Wear For Your At Home Workout

Looking the part when exercising gives you a tremendous boost, both physically and mentally; if you look the part, you feel the part, which then provides that extra boost to help you perform more effectively. New gym kit is a game changer at a time like this, helping to kickstart your new approach to fitness while confined indoors.

In the quest to look good in order to feel good, below is a selection of my favourite new activewear (along with a few accessories) available to buy now that’s perfect for an at-home workout. Whether you’re looking for bright and bold or subtle and chic, there’s something to suit all. Each brand has slightly different fits, but all have a stylish look without compromising on performance or quality. Whether it’s yoga, pilates, HIIT, endurance workout, gym with the kids or a brisk stroll in the park, there’s something for everyone in this activewear round-up.

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Currently we are all undertaking an enforced period of home leave, and you may be feeling slightly demoralised about what this will mean for your mental wellbeing and your fitness goals. You might have been training for the marathon, working out at the gym with friends, having one on ones with your personal trainer, playing tennis, practising yoga or doing a team sport. Suddenly in the blink of an eye, this has all changed – but this change doesn’t all have to be negative.

Starting your day by boosting your energy levels with an at-home fitness regime can help enhance your mood, get those endorphins flowing and start to sculpt that summer body (after a few too many trips to the fridge that we are all currently undertaking). The choice of streaming online classes to participate in is fantastic – some of my favourites are 1 Rebel UK, Barrys UK, Core Collective and The Body Camp Ibiza, to name but a few.

Staying motivated is the key to a happy, healthy lifestyle. Adjusting to this ‘new normal’ can be tricky, however; if we look upon this time as new challenge with a positive state of mind we may find ourselves eventually coming out the other side fitter, more balanced and with a healthy new perspective.


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