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Put Your Hat On: It’s Ascot

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Whether you’re a fan of the races or not, it doesn’t really matter – it’s all about the hats

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Ascot is upon us, and it’s time to sort out your crowning glory – your hat. As the Royal Enclosure opens this week, there is no finer occasion to step out of the joggers and into a world of sartorial elegance. 

Now in its seventh year, the Royal Ascot Millinery Collective is here to help. Wonder at a host of magnificent milliners – all British – who have each designed a hat to provide punters with their own inspiration. There are names you’ll all recognise – Stephen Jones, Philip Treacy and Rachel Trevor-Morgan – and new young pretenders to the scene – Julian Garner and Rosie Olivia. All have one thing in common – hats that will ensure you stand head and shoulders above the rest of the crowd.

For more inspiration, our 2021 Ascot style guide has got you covered. 

Fine Hats For Ascot 2021

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  • Philip Treacy OBE

    Philip Treacy OBE

    ‘My design this year reflects the global circumstances.  It’s dramatic, impactful but hopeful. Hats are fun and can take you away from the seriousness of life.‘

  • Juliette Botterill

    Juliette Botterill

    ‘My headpiece this year is inspired by English rose gardens, showcasing luxurious fabrics to create a timeless piece that is quintessentially British.’

  • Beverley Edmondson

    Beverley Edmondson

    ‘Summer meadows and their flowers were the inspiration for this design. This piece represents the merging of nature and high fashion in an appreciation for everything nature has to offer, especially as many of us would have spent much more time outdoors in the last year.’

  • Emily London

    Emily London

    ‘Our design for 2021 is inspired by nature and a fresh reset of renewed energies. We chose tassels for their softness and fluidity – a form to gently symbolise the natural transition between face masks and a brighter and more open future.’

  • Rachel Trevor-Morgan

    Rachel Trevor-Morgan

    ‘Our 2021 Collective hat is a delicate floral disc evoking spring and positivity.’

  • Jane Taylor

    Jane Taylor

    ‘The collaboration piece is a unique Jane Taylor shape made in a fine vintage natural straw. Adorned with handmade orchids and a soft visor that sits way from the face. Inspired by the exotic varieties of orchids displayed in the Victorian glasshouse of Kew Gardens.’

  • Victoria Grant

    Victoria Grant

    ‘”Royal Enchanted Garden” is inspired by British summer-time celebrations & Buckingham Palace Garden parties, with a tower of silk flowers perched elegantly upon a straw cocktail beret, all in a rich Royal red, with crystal veil delicately adorned with flower petals and a gracious sweep of ostrich quills.’

  • Julien Garner

    Julian Garner

    ‘To see happy faces once again, enjoying happier times, it is going to be such a thrilling moment. Wear your hat with pride.’

  • Stephen Jones

    Stephen Jones

    ‘”Cumulus” is an expression of fashion fantasy, to put you smack back in the middle of the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot, where we haven’t been for a long time!’

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