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5 Ways to Shop More Sustainably

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5 Ways to Shop More Sustainably

Forgo fast fashion and take a greener approach to sartorial success

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In a world where the fast fashion industry is near the top of the list of environmental offenders, how can we shop more sustainably? Sustainability consultant, Positive Luxury demystifies sustainability and shows you which brands you can really trust, making the whole process that bit easier. They awards brands their butterfly mark for their measurable impact and commitment to sustainability. Here, Diana Verde Nieto, CEO and co-founder of Positive Luxury, tells us how to shop more sustainably…


From a survey of 2000 people nearly two-thirds of consumers now choose, switch to or boycott a brand based on its stand on societal or environmental values, up from 51% according to Edelman’s Trust Barometer. And there is more interest than ever before in how to live a more ‘sustainable’ life – last year Collin’s Word of the Year was single-use, while Fashion search engine Lyst reported a 47% increase in ‘sustainable fashion’ searches.

Here are five simple tips to staying fashion-forward while taking a mindful approach to your closet…

Clothes shopping Photo by Charisse Kenion on Unsplash

Photo by Charisse Kenion

5 Ways to Shop More Sustainably

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure

Looking for that new-in buzz? Why not fill your adrenaline quota by scouring sites such as Vestiaire Collective, The Resolution Store or The RealReal for pre-loved and unique looks. You might uncover a potentially rare piece of vintage and you won’t be contributing to landfill in the process – so you’ll want to tote it with even more pride than usual.

To me, love me

If you haven’t yet been converted by Marie Kondo, why not shop your own or a friend’s wardrobe and re-discover past looks? Learn how to take care of your clothes properly too, following washing instructions and care labels. The old adage ‘mend and make do’ rings truer today than ever – reduce waste and take things to a tailor who can make any unworn pieces feel special again.

Follow the butterfly

You’re ready to click ‘add to bag’ – but how do you know that product and brand is sustainable? Luxury brands that have earned Positive Luxury’s much-coveted Butterfly Mark have proven their sustainability commitments to us, and make it easy to discern who you should be shopping with.

Displayed at the point of sale or in-store, the Butterfly Mark is interactive online so you can tap to explore a brand’s positive actions. Whether you’re interested in cruelty-free or animal welfare, workplace diversity and inclusion, single use plastic, forest conservation our trust mark will quickly show you exactly what that brand does for the world.

We work with brands from Louis Vuitton to Weleda, YSL beauty to Song Saa and if you don’t see your favourite brand listed, they may already be working with us – but it’s worth giving Positive Luxury or the brand itself a nudge.


Trends are out

Seasonal shopping is a thing of the past; buying mindfully is in. Take the weekend to sort through your current wardrobe, creating keep, charity or gift piles and once you have your capsule wardrobe, keep it that way.

Assess the gaps, and only shop items that work with the rest of your outfits, and better quality pieces that will last more than just a season – to help you avoid seeking a fast-fashion fix.

An extra incentive? Bicester Village in Oxford makes season-less fashion a whole day out: from past season Temperley London to fine dining, with a direct train from Marylebone for ultimate ease.

A very sustainable habit

Now that you’ve built your wardrobe, look to avoid all the trappings that come with shopping: take a recyclable tote with you everywhere, and don’t be tempted to take the single-use option, no matter how luxurious it might be. With over 20 million impressions on the Butterfly Mark in 2018, Positive Luxury is leading the way for a brighter future – don’t you want to be part of the movement?!

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