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The Father’s Day Gift Guide 2021

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Father's Day is on 20 June, make sure you're prepared

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As the third Sunday of the month, June 20 draws nigh —heed this date if you’re reading this in the UK, USA Europe or Canada— it’s time to think of Father’s Day presents. In the USA, Father’s Day has been celebrated since 1910, so they’re used to it. Father’s Day in the United Kingdom and other countries was inspired by the American custom, so we’re not quite so good at it yet. If you haven’t already been celebrating it for 111 years, read on and be inspired. Edit by Rebecca Cox & Caroline Phillips.   

Father’s Day, 20 June 2021


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Chapman men's washbag

Chapman Men’s Washbag, £350.

Most washbags have narrow openings, which mean you have to rummage around inside to find anything – but not this stylish leather number from Chapman, which has a double zip lid.

Fairfax & Favor The Bedingfeld Ii Navy Suede Tassel Loafer

Fairfax & Favor The Bedingfeld II Navy Suede Tassel Loafer, £195,

Is it time the Dad updated his shoe collection? You’ll enjoy watching him loaf around in these.

(Check out more lovely loafers, here)

The Nue Co Functional Fragrance, £20.

Spray his way to calm? When the UK was placed under tough coronavirus restrictions, stress, anxiety and depression soared.  The Nue Co’s Functional Fragrance (eau de parfum) is like a massage in a pocket-size bottle, with a fragrance that lowers anxiety levels. Your papa will feel his shoulders go down as he sniffs its woody, smoky cardamom and cilantro scent that connects the cognitive function to the olfactory system. Think anti-stress supplement delivered in a unisex fragrance. Nobody’s suggesting that it’s a pandemic panacea, but it sure helps.

Desmond & Dempsey Pardalis Print Men's

Desmond & Dempsey Pardalis Print Men’s Pyjamas, from £79,

Let’s be honest, dad needs new pyjamas.

Aesop Moroccan Neroli Shaving Duet, £57.

Your father will apply this Moroccan Neroli shaving Serum to clean damp skin (it’s enhanced with calming and hydrating aloe vera) and rub lightly until a low foam appears (tell him not to expect big lather, that’s so last year). It’ll give him a very smooth and gentle shave. Then he’ll rinse. Afterwards, he’ll gently massage in the Moroccan Neroli Post-Shave lotion —think tip-top, non-greasy, and laced with sandalwood and neroli blossom.

Red Arrows Wash Bag in Tan

Red Arrows Wash Bag in Tan, £75 by ASALI,

The absolute highest quality leather, these ASALI wash bags will last a lifetime. We love this Red Arrows special design, perfect for Father’s Day. (He can splash out on the matching luggage, which is equally gorgeous, himself.)

The Golden Dram Single Malt Scotch Whisky Miniatures Gift Pack 3 x 50ml

The Golden Dram Single Malt Scotch Whisky Miniatures Gift Pack 3 x 50ml, £24,

With a 12 year, 16 year and 21 year aged whisky to try, dad will enjoy this mini whisky tasting in a box. Each of the expressions has won a gold medal for its outstanding taste, and we just know your dad is a man of outstanding taste.

Theo Fennell Sterling Silver Marmite Lid

Theo Fennell Sterling Silver Marmite Lid £185,

Still topping your Marmite lid with that plastic yellow lid? Oh dear, oh dear.

(We love Theo Fennell, one of our Great British Brands.)

Stubble & Co The Weekender

Stubble & Co The Weekender, £155,

If you can’t stretch to a weekend away for your dad, get him the next best thing; this chic and hardwearing waterproof weekender bag by British brand Stubble & Co that he can take when he pays for his own. He’ll probably invite you, too.

Wild Sage + Co. Brush, Parker razor and Shaving Soap, £45,

If Dad would like to move away from foaming shaving cream, he’ll be converted by this. The Lavender and Cedarwood soap has no artificial colours, fragrances or chemicals. On top of that, it gives a super smooth shave. Plus the brush is vegan (no animal hair) and the wooden handle, ash. This is natural handcrafted skincare at its best. Wild Sage + Co was launched in 2013 in the Herefordshire countryside, a family business born of Julie, Rosanna and Georgia’s passion always to use natural ingredients. Plucking herbs and flowers from the cottage garden, they blend them into their skincare products. The packaging is eco-friendly and sustainable glass and aluminium. Win win.

Alexandra Llewellyn Abstract Turquoise Backgammon Set

Alexandra Llewellyn Abstract Turquoise Backgammon Set, £6,200,

Consider this a Christmas, birthday and Father’s Day present combined, papa.

Babyliss’s 12-in-1 Multi Trimmer Face and Body Kit, £53.33.

This is great for when you want your pater familias to style his stubble or beard, prettify those hedgerow monobrows, nab some nose hair…or transform himself from ape to homo sapiens by sculpting his body hair. (Just tell him to watch out for those nipples when he’s manscaping). It has Japanese Steel blades for ooh-such-effortless cutting —if he’s shaving down below he’ll need steel nerves too—and enough combs and heads to open a barber shop.




Espa’s anointing bath and body oil, £72.  

For biblical healing power in a bottle, gift him ESPA’s Anointing Bath and Body Oil, from its Modern Alchemy Collection, and inspired by ancient anointing rituals. Being anointed helps him —so it’s said —be filled with the Holy Spirit. At the very least, its oils of sesame seed, hemp seed and Andiroba (an Amazonian superfruit) will plump his skin, and offer vitamin-rich, antioxidant properties. Let him drip, douse or smear it on to moisturise his skin. Or sprinkle it in the bath, to feel supple and sacred. He can also use it for wrist anointing, scalp massages and morning inhalations. He may feel ready after this to help folk drop their crutches and walk. Or, at the very least, to have a good day in his home office.


Sunday Riley’s Charcoal Smoothie Jelly Body Scrub, £38.

New from Sunday Riley is the Charcoal Smoothie Jelly Body Scrub – the name alone is enough to make your papa want to buy it for himself. Or to make every day Father’s Day. Packaged in an eco-friendly pouch, this skin-polishing body scrub targets bumpy, textured, flaky skin on his arms and thighs with a dual-action exfoliation system. Splodge on a handful (it contains salicylic acid, activated charcoal, coconut water and manuka) and rub it in, to massage away dull skin cells —and he’ll feel as if he’s  pulling out the impurities with super detoxing charcoal that smells of peppermint. He’ll also feel smoother and softer after.


Claus Porto Mini Soaps, £60,

Now that we’re all doing staycations —who isn’t renting a UK hideaway or holidaying at friends’ and family’s GB homes?  —replicate the 5* hotel experience for your dad by giving him his own travel soaps. A Claus Porto gift box of 9 mini soaps (each 50g) are a must. A bit like the palm-size ones that you’d pocket from the most luxurious of hotels: think Banho (with minty lemon and verbena) Chypre (including cedarwood and bergamot) to Favorito (red berries and green leaves) —with scents that are fresh and warm to invigorating. Reassuringly, Claus Porto have been crafting soaps for more than 130 years. And, yes, it’s true that it’s worth buying the box just for the vintage Art Deco-inspired packaging that these wee soaps are wrapped in. But that’d be to forget their silky, smooth, nourishing lather.

Espa Eco Body Wash, £25.

Greta Thunberg, are you reading this? Your pop will need to pour —think glug —this ESPA body wash into the refillable bottle himself. Yup, it comes in a refill pouch along with a bottle that arrives packaged in a 100% compostable bag. (Or as a Father’s Day treat, you could decant it for him.) As part of ESPA’s vision to deliver natural formulations that promote sustainability, ESPA have created the Essentials Collection and launched their new RecycleMe Scheme. Think affordable luxury blended with 100% pure essential oils, with new sustainable packaging that’s refillable and recyclable. He can send back any delivery packaging too. And ESPA will even recycle bottles and lids from other brands too. Oh, and their Cleansing Body Wash is a winner with its (cheering, citrusy) Neroli and Green mandarin.  Nab a starter pack for £40, with two pouches, a bottle and pump. Then graduate to refill pouches…Greta would approve.

Sunday Riley Good Genese Glycolic Acid, £47.

If you had to pick one new product to plump for as a Father’s Day gift, Good Genes Glycolic Acid would be a good one: he’ll slaver it on before bed (or in the morning) and feel his skin tingling as clean, purified glycolic acid deeply exfoliates and repairs the look of his dull, congested, and sun damaged skin. (If you want the science, it penetrates the surface of the skin with tiny glycolic acid molecules, sinking deeper into the skin than other forms of AHA.) After just one go, he’ll get up in the morning with a super glow on his face. Sulfate-free, paraben-free, gluten-free, soy-free, and phthalate-free, oh, and cruelty-free. What’s not to like?

CIRE TRUDON Candle, £75.

We all missed London’s favourite store during lockdown, so  hotfoot it now to Fortnum and Mason’s for a CIRE TRUDON, scented Ernesto candle in handcrafted brown glass vessel with a gold label that looks like a coat of arms. Made in Paris by the world’s oldest wax manufacturers, it has top notes of rum, grapefruit and bergamot followed by undertones of tobacco (the only time he’s allowed tobacco inside the house?), moss, leather and amber. It may bring to mind revolutionary Havana. Or just make you think it’s one of those presents that you can give him and then use yourself. Burn time: 55-60 hours.

Aesop Ptolemy Candle, £80,

The other present to buy him (again so that you can nick it for yourself) is the recently-launched Aesop’s Ptolemy candle (named after an ancient Greek-Egyptian stargazer). It’s deliciously earthy, smoky and woody: a bit like having an ancient forest in your sitting room. Breathe in its cedar, cypress and vetiver. (You’ll probably love it so much you’ll find yourself sniffing the candle even when it wasn’t burning. ) It has an Epicurus quote on the inside of the candle holder: ‘No age is too early or too  late for the health of the soul.’ Epicurus believed in people attaining a happy, tranquil life characterized by ataraxia (peace and freedom from fear) and aponia  (the absence of pain). And perhaps this candle might help your dad achieve just that? Then, when it’s finished, repurpose the ceramic holder as a toothpaste mug. What would Epicurus have to say about that?

Creed Viking Cologne

Creed Viking Cologne, £240,

Our favourite scent of the season, and soon to be dad’s, too.

Newby Rare Assam Gourmet Caddy 100g

Newby Rare Assam Gourmet Caddy 100g, £33,

It’s tea. But manly tea.

Giovanni Raspini Jack Oval Lapis Ring

Giovanni Raspini Jack Oval Lapis Ring, £170,

Giovanni Raspini has plenty of tough and solid silver pieces to choose from. We love this lapis ring.

The Folio Society Planet of the Apes

The Folio Society Planet of the Apes, £39.95,

Their favourite book made even more beautiful by The Folio Society.

Globe Trotter No Time To Die Carry-on Trolley Case with 4 wheels

Globe Trotter No Time To Die Carry-on Trolley Case with 4 wheels, £1,905,

Because they’ll be back to globe trotting in no time at all.

Dr Sebagh De-Puff Eye Treatment

Dr Sebagh De-Puff Eye Treatment, £52,

They’ll be so touched by your thoughtfulness they’ll cry. (Then apply this to de-puff.)

Tusting Wymington

Tusting Wymington, £530,

Upgrade his tired old briefcase to this Tusting leather satchel and fill it with notes about what a great dad he is (/requests for your next birthday).

The Dalmore 18 Year Oldscotch Whisky

The Dalmore 18 Year Oldscotch Whisky, £150,

As a rule of thumb, choose a whisky only slightly younger than you are for a truly deserving dad.

Watson & Wolfe Travel Pouch & E-Reader Case In Oakbark + Cuff Handle

Watson & Wolfe Travel Pouch & E-Reader Case In Oakbark + Cuff Handle, £99,

A vegan leather pouch for storing all of his dad paraphernalia in.


Main picture: by Vitolda Klein

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