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Christmas Gifts Fit for a Queen

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Christmas Gifts Fit for a Queen

Garrard’s exquisite jewellery makes a timeless gift, often with a connection to a royal love story


Looking for an extra special piece of jewellery to give a loved one this Christmas? Look no further: with its history of royal creations, Garrard is the crème de la crème of British jewellers…

Garrard’s Jubilee Sapphire

If you’re thinking of buying someone a piece of jewellery, it doesn’t get much more special than the gift of a Garrard jewel. The longest serving jeweller in the world, House of Garrard has been steeped in royal history since its first royal commission by Frederick, Prince of Wales back in 1735. In 1843 it was appointed as the official Crown Jeweller by Queen Victoria, and has crafted many iconic tiaras worn by the British royal family over the years. All Garrard’s collections reflect aspects of their royal connections. “Whatever we do, we tie back to Garrard’s history,” says Sara Prentice, Garrard’s Creative Director. “New collections are inspired by looking back at pieces and moments from the past.”



Their Entanglement collection takes inspiration from the royal tiara which has attracted the most attention: the Lover’s Knot Tiara, worn most recently by the Duchess of Cambridge. The ‘lover’s knots’, created through the sweeping diamonds looped around the tiara, are mirrored in the diamonds of earrings and pendants seen in the Entanglement collection.


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The delicate pattern of the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara of 1893, a wedding gift to Queen Mary, is visible in the necklace and earrings of the brand’s signature collection, Albemarle, where bold lozenge shapes are linked by a circle, then dotted by round diamonds.

Statement Sapphires

Meanwhile the 1735 collection reflects a classic Garrard motif first used in a commission by Prince Albert for his bride, Queen Victoria: a large sapphire brooch, surrounded by seven brilliant white diamonds. Many years later, stone and motif came together again in the sapphire engagement ring worn by the Duchess of Cambridge.

Sapphire sits at the heart of many of Garrard’s most renowned creations. Earlier this year they released their 118 carat Jubilee Sapphire (pictured at the top of the page) in honour of the 65th anniversary of Queen Elizabeth II’s coronation. The sapphire originates from the legendary Mogok mines in Burma, a region which has been long celebrated for some of the world’s most stunning royal blue sapphires and red rubies, and is of an extraordinary size and beauty that is rarely seen.

Garrard Collection Image


Their Fanfare range also celebrates the year of 1735, and takes inspiration from London’s vibrant theatre scene. With their glittering chandeliers and gilded decor, venues like Theatre Royal and Kings Theatre on Haymarket were the place to be seen. Ladies wore glamorous dresses and jewellery and carried beautiful fans – which provided the starting point for Fanfare.

Garrard Collection Image

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