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Shopping: The Christmas Jewellery & Watch Guide

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Shopping: The Christmas Jewellery & Watch Guide

10 sparkly gift ideas for your loved ones

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If diamonds (and other sparkly stones) are a girl’s best friend then it should come as no surprise that they make fantastic Christmas presents. There is no bolder display of love than giving someone you love jewellery, and we have done all the hard work for you (we promise we didn’t enjoy having to choose beautiful pieces of jewellery one bit). Here we give you our edit of jewellery and watches for Christmas.

The selection of rings, bracelets, necklaces and earrings here have come from both traditional and modern jewellers. For instance, Fabergé create timeless pieces that would be perfect for a woman of any age. A woman who prefers a classical style jewellery would love our pick of the Garrard Tudor Rose necklace or George Pragnell diamond ring.

Whereas, Adler create more modern designs that are innovative and would perhaps suit a woman who prefers more contemporary styles. The Adler bracelet with Pigeon Blood Burmese rubies and diamonds and Gaïa ebony ring are perfect for someone whose taste is a little more adventurous.


Whatever the style, this jewellery will look gorgeous at a Christmas drinks or New Year’s Eve party and be a delight to receive. They do say that the best things come in small packages and this is certainly true if you are receiving one of these pieces.


Whether it is for your mother, grandmother, girlfriend or wife, there is something here for everyone. However we must warn you, after you purchase one of these pieces for a loved one you will be expected to maintain this calibre and quality of presents for the rest of your present-giving years. This may be a tough act to follow. So go on and gift wisely.

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  • Bracelet with white gold and jet set with Pigeon Blood Burmese rubies and diamonds, Gaïa ring in ebony and 18kt white gold set with one oval cut diamond, both Adler. Black high heeled sandal, Christian Louboutin

  • Pavé ruby cocktail rings, Fabergé. Black satin tuxedo jacket, Ralph Lauren. White polka dot pocket square. Turnbull & Asser. Playing cards, Pickett

  • Ophidian Twist ring in white diamonds, Ophidian white band in white gold and diamonds, Venice Scaramuccia ring in onyx, black spinels and diamonds, Ophidian bangle in white gold with diamonds, all Niquesa

  • One of a kind Tudor Rose necklace with rubies, diamonds and pearls, Garrard. Top hat, Lock & Co

  • White gold and diamond Signature cuff, Hamilton & Inches. Oval diamond ring, George Pragnell. Playing cards, Pickett

  • Garnet Intaglio ring, Cherlemagne ring, red tourmaline ring and rhodolite garnet ring, all Elizabeth Gage. Black top hat, Lock and Co

  • Open ruby and diamond necklace, Moussaieff

  • Ruby, white gold and diamond bracelet, ring and earrings, all Chatila

  • 18kt white gold and diamond Earth Earrings, Saqqara

  • 18kt rose gold, rose quartz, sapphire, tourmaline and diamond Venice Moretta ring, Niquesa

  • 18kt white gold, diamond, sapphire and aquamarine Melody of Colours earrings, De Grisogono

  • T ring in 18kt yellow gold with diamonds, Tiffany

  • T ring in 18kt rose gold with diamonds, Tiffany

  • 18kt white gold, diamond and yellow sapphire Legends of Africa earrings, VanLeles

  • 9kt gold and diamond Felicia pendant, Cassandra Goad

  • 9kt gold and diamond Felicia studs, Cassandra Goad

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