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The Best Boxing Classes in London

Where to pack a punch in the capital

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Looking to de-stress? Supercharge your fitness? Sculpt lean muscle? Boxing is one of the best all round workouts out there, famous for its plethora of physical and mental health benefits. From old-school rings to boutique studios, these are the best boxing classes in London…

Sweat by BXR


Though the Marylebone BXR studio is members only, anyone can attend the pay-to-train classes at boutique fitness studio Sweat by BXR. The flagship is located beneath BXR London, with a second site recently opened in Canary Wharf, both offering classes designed to assist in creating, developing and maintaining the foundations of being an athlete, and improve strength and cardio. Keep an eye out for special residencies too, which have recently included world-renowned Justin Gelband, AKA ‘the model whisperer’, who is responsible for the bodies of Victoria’s Secret Angels such as Candice Swanepoel, Miranda Kerr, Karlie Kloss and Irina Shayk. Prepare to be put through your paces at their intense 45-minute Sweatbox workout. You’ll be pushed to the max as you power through rounds of boxing and floor work drills, hyped up by heavy bass, hip hop and club-like surroundings. Not one for the hungover.



Workouts here are geared as much towards mental health as physical, with the focus being to bring together body and mind. The 55-minute Signature class begins with a blast of HIIT, followed by some stretching to get you ready for the main event: eight fast-paced rounds on the bag, each building on the previous with a combination of punches and kicks. The 45-minute strength classes, meanwhile, involve a mixture of weights and kickboxing, suitable for both newbies and seasoned lifters. Both will leave you dripping with sweat, endorphins high.

Punch at Virgin Active

Popular with beginners and seasoned punchers alike, this class involves 12 rounds alternating between the bag (boxers) and the floor (burners). Combinations for each round will pop on screens at either side of the room, with floor exercises taking the form of high-impact HIIT exercises using bodyweight, weights and TRX equipment. Changeovers are speedy – and some instructors take things up a notch by adding in extra burpee sessions in between sets – but this stops any clock-watching, and the 50 minutes fly by. Your arms certainly get put through their paces, but this is a high impact, full-body workout, so expect to feel it all over the next day.


‘Where fight club meets nightclub’ is the tagline for KOBOX, the boutique London studio frequented by the likes of Ellie Goulding, Jourdan Dunn and Cheryl. Boxing gets a glamorous spin here, with luxe high-shine bags, UV lights and immaculate changing rooms – but it’s by no means style over substance. During the rigorous high-intensity 50-minute sessions you’ll spend half pounding on the bag, the other half strength training. Each day the focus of the workout changes, so it could be core, upper body, legs or full body, but in all classes you can expect high energy combinations, using everything from resistance bands to slam balls to free weights.

12 x 3


Brainchild of champion boxers Darren Barker and Ryan Pickard, 12 x 3 now have two studios across the city – the original in Aldgate, and a second in Paddington. The idea here is authentic training from proper boxers, with two coaches and maximum eight students in each class to allow one-to-one support. Don’t let the ‘no guts no glory’ slogan scare you: all abilities are welcome, and there’s a 50/50 male and female split. As the name suggests, the BoxCon class features 12 three-minute rounds, with a mixture of boxing drills, bag work and pads – made all the more fun with a great soundtrack. There are also more tailored classes, including Gloves On, where you’ll focus on footwork drills, technical skills and bag work. Alternatively, get in the ring at Ring Craft, a contact class where you can put everything you’ve learnt into practiced under supervised conditions.

Another Space

Yoga Classes + Free Meditation at Another Space

With its elegant interiors and white-washed walls, boutique gym Another_Space emanates a sense of calm – though this disappears pretty quickly upon arriving at the HIIT class. It describes itself as ‘fast and furious’, which it’s certainly not lying about. Prepare to get your sweat on as you alternate between high energy boxing routines and toning exercises on the floor using punchbags, sandbags and the like. Boxing drills are designed to improve technique, while at the same time supercharging your fitness levels.


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