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Hair Rescue: Solutions for All Hair Types

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Hero products for a hair SOS

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Keep your crowning glory in tip top condition with this hair rescue guide, featuring the most impressive enhancers whatever your hair type and concern.  By Nathalie Eleni

Hair SOS: The Best Rescue Treatments for Common Hair Problems

Fine hair

Created by biotech scientists, Living Proof is pioneering a line of breakthrough, silicone-free products with patented technology that can find a solution for every hair dilemma. In this case, for fine or flat hair that needs some added oomph, Living Proof Full Shampoo and Full Conditioner will work wonders. Designed to add density and condition and shine whilst adding volume, without weighing down hair. £23,

Living Proof full shampoo

Dull and lacklustre locks

Give your hair a spa fresh experience with an innovative shower head attachment. Vitaclean Shower attachment has a three-part filtration system to remove nasty water impurities like chlorine, dust, limescale, dirt and bacteria while helping to cut water consumption by 25 per cent. A Vitamin C & Essential Oils Capsule is slotted into your shower head (this needs to be replaced every four weeks and can be bought separately), which delivers added softness to your hair and skin, not to mention filling your bathroom with a five-star spa fragrance experience. The product pack includes a filtered shower head, vitamin C & essential oils capsule, anti-bacterial ceramic balls and a microfibre cloth. Available for both handheld and wall mounted showers. From £59.99,


Daily Shopping: the Luxury List

Waves, coils and curls

Specialists in curly hair, Bouclème is helping people achieve their best curls yet. They have recently launched a ‘30 day Challenge’ with kits for curly, wavy or coily hair to create healthier, shinier and curlier hair. Fairtrade and containing no nasties, this new brand is a game (and curl) changer. Thirty days to curls kit (also available as coils and waves kits) includes Curl Cleanser, Curl Conditioner, Curl Cream and Curl Defining Gel (all in 300ml bottles). £66,

Grey days

If you started down the home colour route during lockdown, and actually enjoyed the process along with the convenience and time saved from not leaving your home, then Josh Wood Permanent Colour Kit may be just the thing to make your home hair experience an even more successful one. The celebrity king of colour, Josh Wood has developed a beautiful selection of home colours to conceal grey roots that also help keep the condition of your hair healthy, while imparting flattering and salon inspired tones with a good range of shades. £19,

Josh wood colour

Dry and damaged

Creating ‘skincare for hair’, Kevin Murphy is a hair genius, which shows through his formulations for all hair types and hair needs. His vegan haircare range is cult among salon owners and session stylists, and it really works. To rescue dry, frizzy or damaged hair, layer hydration with the Kevin Murphy Hydrate-Me.Masque, an ultra-moisturising and smoothing treatment mask formulated to re-hydrate and soften dry, frizzy and coarse hair types. Rosehip, evening primrose oil, kakadu plum and seaweed help to repair damage, gently cleanse and promote elasticity to reveal softer, healthier and shinier hair. Apply as a weekly treat. £30,

Kevin Murphy Masque

For stronger, shinier and healthier hair in the long run, take The Biotin Hair Care Plan from trichologist and hair loss consultant Simone Thomas Wellness. Using the finest ingredients of minerals, biotin, iodine, live cultures, and botanicals this supplement system has already gained a cult following. Each plan contains a 1-month supply and is suitable for vegetarians and vegans. From £104;

Oily Hair

Good old Batiste dry shampoo has been a staple for many a busy woman (or man) who perhaps favours an extra 20 minutes in bed over a hair wash! However, for those of you whose roots get oily within hours of a wash, Batiste dry shampoo is a great way to help combat grease and add volume. Lift your hair in sections and spray a little into the roots, then massage in with your fingertips. It really is a genius invention. £4.99,

Luxury Facial Oils (& How to Use Them)

Unruly hair

If you need a blow-dry in order to keep unruly hair sleek and groomed, you’ll love this new launch from New York celebrity stylist Rita Hazan. Her luxurious Smoothing Crème will cut your blow-dry time down impressively, leaving hair with a beautiful velvety sheen (without any heavy or greasy residue). It also helps protect from UV damage and colour fade. £22,

Rita Hazan Smoothing Crème

Thinning hair

For hair that is thinning, whether around the hair line or throughout, TOPPIK Hair Fibers give you the appearance of thicker, fuller hair naturally by concealing signs of thinning. Made of natural coloured keratin protein that has a strong natural static charge, Toppik Fibers bind electrostatically to your existing hair to give the appearance of volume. It is nearly identical to that found in human hair, so blends undetectably. Either sprinkle over the affected area or use the spray applicator attachment for more precise application to smaller areas. Suitable for everyone, this product is the best of its kind. Hair fibres from £6.99,

Brassy colour

Neutralise brassy or yellow tones on colour treated and lightened hair with Evo’s super-strong purple shampoo and conditioning treatment duo. Designed to tone and refresh your lightened locks, with nourishing, sulphate-free ingredients. It also helps to tame unruly frizz. £32.73,

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