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Hair Trend: The Shag Haircut is Back for 2017

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Hair Trend: The Shag Haircut is Back for 2017

Perfect for laid-back country living


Last year’s hair trend for the blunt cut bob gets a retro update for 2017, with the shag making a comeback this year.

The style is a sexy, rock ‘n roll bedhead hair trend, marking a return to relaxed, lived-in cuts for the new season. Great news if you’re a get-up-and-go kind of person – we think this is the perfect style for laid back country girls.

Sam Burnett, Founder and Creative Director of Hare & Bone, has created the Modern Shag Cut, and talks us through styling the trend.

The Shag Cut Hair Trend

The Shag Haircut

The Modern Shag, HARE & BONE 2017 Campaign

How the style the shag haircut

“The shag cut is at its best when it is washed every three days with a finish that looks unintentional and slightly lived in,” says Sam Burnett.

“A simple rule to follow is not going to bed with wet hair as this cut is heavily layered, wet hair can set in different directions. If you’re fringe sometimes has a mind of its own you can touch it up by smoothing out with your blow-drier.”

“For instant touch ups, KMS Bounce Back Spray and Curl Up Crème are my go-to products for taming stray hairs.”

How to maintain the shag hair trend

“Ultimately this style is designed to get up and go so it should require minimum maintenance. Thicker hair types that have a smooth, non-frizzy finish require the least upkeep. For people with slightly frizzier hair make sure it is blow-dried more thoroughly to smooth out courser hair.

“A lived in look is where this style thrives. The texture of the hair will develop and change allowing the natural movement to come through. Embrace the natural elements of your hair type as this is what makes it truly unique.”

Want more inspiration? We’ve found some more shag haircuts on Instagram…

Sneak Peak ⚡️⚡️ Color & Cut by Owner/stylist @andiejoneshair Model @cowgirl_and_indian Photo by @taryn_kent

A photo posted by R A V E N & S A G E (@ravenandsage) on

Love this fresh new twist on a shag haircut! #shaghaircut #navasalon #upincumming #cumminghairstylist #chloemoretz

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