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From infared sauna blankets to manifesting

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The world of wellness is bursting at its seams. New trends, products and experiences are popping up left right and centre, as more and more of us are adopting holistic practises into our everyday lives. Not to mention the global pandemic, which has placed health at the forefront of society. So what’s on the cards for this year? We bring you the top wellness trends for 2021.

Wellness Trends 2021

Health and wellness joining forces


COVID-19 has shined a spotlight on the importance of preventative lifestyle approaches in keeping healthy, signifying the beginning of a new alignment between the worlds of wellness and traditional healthcare. This union was discussed at the 2021 Global Wellness Summit, in which experts predicted: “new integrations will give healthcare the pleasurable, aspirational qualities of wellness while wellness will increasingly get the science-backed credibility of the medical industry – and the players and brands that execute on this (and it’s already happening) will win big.”

Online fitness

Home workout

2020 was the year of Zoom workouts, and it looks like the online fitness world will continue to grow this year despite gyms reopening. Many studios such as Psycle and Core Collective have launched snazzy digital platforms, which offer cheaper classes that you can do from home, usually with minimal equipment. We’re also seeing online-only fitness businesses launching, such as The Yoga Class, a dedicated digital yoga studio founded by model Laura Dodd, and live-streaming platform LIVENow.

Infared sauna blankets

Infared Sauna Blanket

Infared saunas have been a staple on the elite wellness scene for a few years now, with Jennifer Aniston, the Kardashians and Lady Gaga all fans. But with the pandemic causing closures and limited availability, users have had to think outside the box. For extreme devotees – such as Paris Hilton – this means building your own, with luxury sauna brand Sunlighten reporting a 50 per cent surge in interest in home saunas during the first lockdown. The slightly more affordable answer, though, is infared sauna blankets. They tend to retail at a few hundred pounds, and claim the same glowing benefits of the real deal: deep relaxation, improved skin and better recovery. Keen to get involved? Try the HigherDOSE Infrared Sauna Blanket V3, designed to increase the body’s thermal energy, promoting a temporary increase in blood flow which results in a serotonin hit and detoxifying benefits.

Immune system strengthening



Our immune systems have been put under the spotlight in the past year, triggering debates about whether it’s actually possible to ‘boost’ them. There are numerous supplements claiming to strengthen the immune system, but the science surrounding them can be sketchy – as the BBC’s Trust Me I’m a Doctor stressed in one of its programmes. Nonetheless, the Global Wellness Institute predicts strengthening the immune system will be a major wellness trend for 2021. It’s likely we’ll be seeing more customised immunity hacks using genetic testing and biohacking, alongside immunity-enhancing treatments and energy healing. Immune-boosting foods, too, will continue to be big news next year – and most doctors and scientists agree that eating certain foods as part of a balanced diet will contribute to a healthy immune system. That means foods like garlic, mushrooms, citrus, ginger and sweet potato are on the good list.


Fitness tracker

Addicted to your FitBit? You’re not alone. We’re a nation obsessed with data: during 2020, Samsung’s sales of wearable devices grew by 30 per cent. And it’s a trend that’s only going to grow next year as technology gets increasingly advanced. Newbies on the market include Amazon’s new fitness tracker Halo, which gauges your mood through your voice and scans your body to measure body fat data. There’s also Apple’s hot new workout platform Apple Fitness+, which features hundreds of workouts led by world experts and can be accessed via your Apple Watch. After a few sessions, the platform learns what you like and will recommend workouts based on this.


Zodiac signs

According to Pinterest, modern mystics will be big this year, with alternative spiritual methods set to enter the mainstream. The platform has reported a 100 per cent increase for searches on protection crystals, for instance, as well as a 105 per cent increase in manifestation techniques – practices or daily rituals to help achieve your dreams and goals. Pinterest has also seen a spike in searches for zodiac star sign facts, suggesting interest surrounding astrology is on the up.

Hard Kombucha


Probiotic drinks have been a wellness favourite for years now, but in 2021 we’ll be seeing a new development in the gut-friendly drinks world: alcoholic kombucha. While booze usually has no nutritional value, the disease-fighting, antioxidant properties of kombucha make this a healthier option than wine or beer. It’s already making waves in the US thanks to brands like Luna Bay and Kombrewcha, and no doubt UK brands will catch wind soon.

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