Shine On: The C&TH Jewellery Gift Guide

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Add some sparkle to your wish list this Christmas

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Get your rocks on this Christmas with our sparkling jewellery gift guide, stuffed with the best and brightest necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets from some of your favourite jewellery names. Great for gifting this Christmas… or as a present for yourself. You’ve earned it. 

The C&TH Jewellery Gift Guide

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  • Messika by Kate Moss
    Released Sun 18-carat yellow gold and diamond earrings, £POA.
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    Mythology 18ct yellow gold, diamond and freshwater pearl bracelet, £1200.

  • Star Animal Sundays 

    Diamond and 14-carat gold pendant, approx. £650.

  • Adler


    Shinsei earrings in 18-carat rose gold and diamonds, £4.250.

  • Auree Walton 9ct Yellow Gold Russian Wedding Ring Pendant

    Auree Walton 9ct Yellow Gold Russian Wedding Ring Pendant, £345,

  • Ania Haie

    Ania Haie

    Silver and turquoise T-bar necklace, £109.

  • Bibi van der Velden

    Monkey ear cuff in diamonds and gold, £1,949.

  • Loveness Lee Soleil Recycled Silver Earrings

    Loveness Lee Soleil Recycled Silver Earrings, £160,

  • Boodles


    Blossom ring in 18-carat rose gold and diamonds, £4,600.

  • Giovanni Raspini Crocodile Chain Necklace

    Giovanni Raspini Crocodile Chain Necklace, £530,

  • Brooke Gregson

    Libra diamond necklace, £1,510.

  • Buccellati

    Macri earrings in yellow gold and diamonds, £9,600.

  • Cartier

    Clash de Cartier medium bracelet in 18-carat pink gold, £7,400.

  • Chanel

    Extrait de Camélia transformable ring, £7,900.

  • Cleopatra’s Bling

    Asterids earrings, 18-carat gold plated with blue enamel, £116.

  • David Morris

    Miss Daisy Safety Pin, £2,600.

  • De Beers

    Dew Drop ear cuff, £1250.

  • Elizabeth Gage

    Imperial turquoise necklace, £7,200.

  • Garrard

    Aloria pink sapphire and diamond ring, £10,000.

  • Kavant and Sharart

    Origami Link No 5 earrings in sapphire and diamond, £7576.

  • Giovanna Raspini

    Petra earrings, £265.

  • Sophie Billie Brahe

    Ensemble diamond and 18-carat gold single earring, £3,300.

  • Tiffany & Co. 

    Schlumberger heart clip, £9,850.

  • Venyx

    Rainbow Teer ring, £10,320.

  • Vhernier

    Coucher de Soleil ring, £4,850.

  • Minka

    Athena ring in 18-carat gold and blue tourmaline, £2,800.

  • Tatiana Verstraeten

    Mini diamond Star earrings, £2,900.

  • Tasaki

    Petit Balance class necklace with Akoya pearls and diamonds, £6,860.

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