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Review: A glowing facial from the !QMS pop-up at Liberty

The !QMS O2 Renewal Facial leaves you glowing from the inside-out, just in time for autumn

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The !QMS O2 Renewal Facial leaves you glowing from the inside-out. Clementine Haxby shared her experience with us here, and now we all want to get the glow…

Pop to Liberty of London for an hour and a half of pure bliss, and a going-home gift of a glowing face that brings out your inner goddess. The !QMS’s pop-up O2 Renewal Facial in Liberty’s is the easiest way to ease your skin into the cold wind and rain of autumn.

Anyone who has had the pleasure of seeing me since I visited the bright, fresh, and friendly !QMS Liberty concession and treatment room will have been saturated by the tales of my facial, as well as demands that they touch my face. But even without my self-indulgent requests, the number of comments on the glowing status of my face blew me away, and were enough to convince me that I must go back.

!QMS at Liberty

The Process

The treatment was kicked off with two rounds of deep cleansing, followed by the application of !QMS’s Exfoliant Fluid, a gentle, tingle-inducing exfoliant painted onto my face by what I can only assume was a feather.

Having requested an autumnal brightening and rejuvenation treatment, my face was treated to !QMS’s Freshening Tonic, further cream exfoliants, Intensive Eye Liquide Proteins, Day Collagen, HO2 Serum and twenty minutes of Oxygen that, while giving my skin the brightening boost it desired, sent me into a gentle snooze.

The highlight for me, however, was an Algae mask – a centre-metre thick face mask which was peeled off to reveal the exact imprint of my sleeping face, illustrating for my beautician the areas that required particular focus, and inspiring in me a desire to commission a bust (after an hour the luxury life had clearly got to me…).

And as if my face wasn’t happy enough, it was then treated to an Activator Mask; while the Algae mask is for professional use only, this second mask is included in the !QMS collection, and is perfect for at-home pre-party illumination.

Our Verdict

Writing this three days post-treatment, I continue to feel the benefits, with at least four indulgent face strokes occurring during the writing process.

As the cold weather sets in and we all begin to lose that summer glow, pop the !QMS O2 Renewal Facial on your shopping list.

At £100 a session, the treatment is certainly a treat, but one that will totally transform your shopping experience (although after-effects might include somewhat accidental luxury purchases as you sweep out of Liberty, glowing from the inside out.)

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