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The Luxury List: Sustainable Series

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The Luxury List: Sustainable Series

Our daily luxury list is going green for the month of April


Luxury beauty, fashion, food and homeware doesn’t have to cost the earth. To tie in with our month of sustainability-focused content and support the Earth issue of Country & Town House, every day in April we’ll be bringing you a new eco-focused, zero-waste, ethically sourced or sustainable product. Guilt-free shopping starts here…


Sustainable Luxury List

Thursday 18 April 2019

Plant-based active wear is a phrase we never thought we’d hear but British company Carrot Banana Peach is offering exactly that. Founded by a former product creator at Nike, the Knutsford based brand’s products are all made using sustainably sourced plant-based fibres including aloe vera, bamboo, soybean and banana. Needless to say, their packaging is obviously also recycled. New to their range is the power-stretch, thermoregulating, high-desnsity bamboo activewear. As well as being extremely flattering, the bamboo fabric absorbs three times its weight in water, wicking sweat away from the skin but also locking in warmth for when the temperature drops. High Density Bamboo Yoga Capri, £55

Wednesday 17 April 2019

Convenience pays a high price in the case of facial wipes, which account for an astonishing 93% of the material found in sewer blockages. As a rule of thumb, you’re going to want to stay away from any product that’s single use… instead opt for reusable face cloths, like this one from Lush. The 7 to 3 Cleansing Wipe is a reusable, biodegradable cleanser that’s gentle on skin, with the cannelloni bean base, fresh dove orchid infusion and ylang ylang ingredients leaving your face feeling fresh and clean. Simply wet one side of the wipe and glide over your face before washing off – all the convenience of a face wipe, none of the waste. Yet another sustainable winner from Lush. 7 to 3 Cleansing Wipe, £2

Tuesday 16 April 2019

We love Lovia for two reasons; their ultra chic bags and the way they make them. Armed with the knowledge that the fashion industry produces 80,000 tons of leather waste every year, Lovia dedicate themselves to using that waste to make something new and beautiful. Excess leather rescued from a Finnish furniture factory has been given a new life as this bohemian style tote – all the practicalities as a canvas bag, but infinitely cooler. Plus, like all of their products, it carries a unique code on its label which you can enter into their Transparency DNA page to track how your new bag was made, right back to the source. Sammal Slouch Tote, £165

Monday 15 April 2019

The environmental and human cost of fine jewellery is becoming increasingly known, but some brands are paving the way for sustainable, socially responsible jewels which don’t make concession on style. Jordan Alexander Jewellery offers breathtakingly beautiful designs that have been worn by the likes of Michelle Obama and Julia Roberts. Each piece is artistically produced; hand-crafted using 18k gold, diamonds and precious hand-selected stones – all of which are certifiably ethical and conflict free, sourced primarily from one family-run stone dealer in Brazil. The line also repurposes both metals and stones, melting down scrap gold and silver to up-cycle in new designs. You can feel good knowing these dreamy African Opal Drop Earrings are as sustainable as they are gorgeous. Diamond Encased African Opal Drop Earrings, £22,808

Friday 12 April 2019

Started by a maverick designer with a deep love of nature, Full Grown’s chairs are strangely beautiful, utterly unique and definitely constitute the most sustainable furniture on the market. Through “bio-facturing”, the chairs are made by harnessing Mother Nature to help shape growing trees into chairs, lamps and sculpture. If you’re after one of these stand-out pieces, join the queue (of 10 years)… It takes 6 – 9 years to grow a single chair, but the result is a no-waste, truly organic piece of furniture. Full Grown Dining Chair, from £10,000

Thursday 11 April 2019

Simply cutting out plastic isn’t an obvious choice for the beauty industry. Glass uses the world’s resource of sand, is heavier and has a bigger carbon footprint for shipping. Instead, turn to brands taking sustainability seriously. REN has committed to being zero waste by 2021, and their latest initiative is a bottle made from 100% recycled plastic with 20% coming directly from the ocean. (It makes skin feel gorgeously soft, too.) Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Cream, £22.

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Wednesday 10 April 2019

Handmade in Italy, Yatay is a sneakers brand that ensures that every part of the sourcing, manufacturing and distribution chain is sustainable. A mix of bio-based PU, biodegradable sole, recycled fabric upper, Italian hemp laces and organic cotton, the unisex shoes come in a range of jewel-bright colours. For every pair sold, a tree is planted in an area of deforestation, to boot (/sneaker). Yatay Neven Low Woman in Macaw Blue, £220

Tuesday 9 April 2019

Sometimes all you need to ward off any lingering winter blues is a healthy dose of spring fragrances and luckily Daylesford Organic’s new range of Cosmos organic, sustainable, hand care products are just what the doctor ordered. Made in England from carefully-selected botanical ingredients, the orange, geranium and rosemary scents are heavenly. The bitter orange (or citrus aurantium) hand wash is cold-pressed from the fresh peel of aromatic Seville oranges from ancient Spanish groves – the second best thing to a vacay.  Daylesford Cosmos Organic Bitter Orange Hand Wash 300ml, £18


Monday 8 April 2019

Not only does Mother of Pearl utilise low impact production methods and fully traceable, organic fabrics, their designs are a mixture of timeless sophistication, gorgeous prints and playful design twists. This pearl and frill detail denim jacket is sure to inject some joy into your spring wardrobe, grey skies be damned. Mother of Pearl Brennon Denim Jacket, £295

9 Sustainable Luxury Fashion Brands to Know Now

Friday 5 April 2019

Atelier Swarovski have partnered with Pénelope Cruz to create a capsule collection of stunning lab-grown diamonds. The campaign, shot by fashion photographers Mert & Marcus, shines a light on how beautiful conscious luxury can be. Lab-grown diamonds are identical to mined diamonds, tend to be lower in price, and are intensely more sustainable than mined diamonds. In fact, diamond mining causes air and water pollution and is a major producer of greenhouse gases, one of the main causes of climate change. So if you, like us, are all about not sacrificing style in the name of sustainability, add a piece from the collection to your wish list, available to buy exclusively at Harvey Nichols, and make a conscious decision to support the sustainable and ethical practice of creating lab-grown diamonds. Atelier Swarovski X Pénelope Cruz Collection, Penélope Cruz Angel Ring 18K White Gold, Harvey Nichols Knightsbridge

Thursday 4 April 2019


Finding workout gear that’s sustainable but doesn’t make concession on style or quality can be difficult, with the big names in the game notorious for unsustainable practices. PERFF Studio’s products are 100% eco-friendly with 45% being made from recycled materials. Holding itself to the highest of standards, the brand ensures its manufacturing processes of fabrics use a lower expenditure of water and energy, as well as only employing manufacturers with sustainable and fair-trade certifications. For example this crop-top is made of ECONYL regenerated Nylon; a product made entirely from waste that is infinitely recyclable – and it’s cute to boot. PERFF Studio Passionate Crop Top, £55

Wednesday 3 April 2019

Aerende is an independent ethical interior and homeware brand based in the UK. Each product is designed and handmade by a group of talented craftspeople who live at The Grange in Gloucestershire, a residential community for adults with learning disabilities. The sustainability element? All materials are sourced from the UK – take this olive bowl, perfect for a housewarming gift or perhaps a gift-to-self to brighten up a coffee table – the stoneware clay comes from Stoke-on-Trent, and the bowl was then hand moulded in Newnham-on-Severn. Aerende Small Stoneware Bowl, Olive Rim, £16

Tuesday 2 April 2019


JETS Australia has a sustainable collection made from an environmentally friendly and sustainable fabric that combines 100% recycled polyamide and lycra xtra life. Aquafil collect nylon waste from products including industrial waste such as fishing nets, carpets and clothing and rework the waste into econyl, a recycled yarn that performs like newly made nylon. JETS Swimwear Enchant Plunge One Piece, £120


Monday 1 April 2019


First up, we have a brand-new beauty brand launching today in the UK. Ethique is currently the only zero-waste and zero-plastic company in the world. The zero-waste beauty brand produces shampoos, deodorants and conditioners handmade as solid beauty bars rather than liquid beauty products. The ingredients are sustainably sourced and fair trade, while the packaging is 100% compostable. One shampoo bar is equivalent to three bottles of shampoo. Prices start at £6.50. The ‘butter block’ body lotions are particularly indulgent. Ethique Sweet Orange & Vanilla Butter Block,

Stay tuned for more sustainable luxury items every day in April. You can find out what else we’re doing this month over on our eco hub page.

Ethical & Sustainable Brands to Know Now


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