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The Good Life by Alice B-B

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The Good Life by Alice B-B

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Alice B-B lets go of her busy badge of honour


Alice BB June

The eve of Chelsea Flower Show…

And I’m at the magic cottage in the Cotswolds, elbow deep in flower beds, yanking out weeds. Or are they weeds? Ten years of tending tendrils and I’m still clueless. This amateur gardening lark is intense. Which is exactly why I love it. Gloves on, trowel out, cursing rabbits, nursing shoots; I’m right in the moment, mindfully focused on the minutiae, in a state of wellbeing where nothing else matters. Meanwhile, in the Bahamas, my sister Florence St George has found her own meditative healing making ceramics. Living abroad with few friends, two tiny babies and post- natal depression, she bought a bag of clay and made a pot. Three years later, she’s managed to ditch the anti- depressants. ‘Pottery is my Prozac,’ Florence explains of the sculptural art pieces sold at The Sladmore Gallery. And this month she launches The Conch collection, feelgood tableware inspired by her Bahamian life; pink, yellow and blue pots, plates and bowls rimmed with gold and sold at my new favourite interiors shop, Edition 94 on the Fulham Road. It’s no wonder craft is the UK’s fastest growing creative industry.

Fake tan. At home.

Four words that usually spell orange- palmed, tiger-stripe disaster. But I have news… Amanda Harrington. Log that name if you long for a sunless tan, in three different shades to suit your skin. ‘Amanda Tan’, as she’s known among my most golden-limbed friends, has been relied on by countless celebrities for her deft brushstrokes that create trompe l’oeil chiseled cheekbones or sculpted legs. (One superstar actor regularly flies her to LA to have his six-pack painted on.) Finally her genius is available to us mere mortals; Amanda’s bottled her potions, added a pair of crucial latex gloves and the magic ingredient – a big soft brush for buffing – which all arrives in a natty bag to use at home. And no, I won’t tell you who the actor is…

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Busy, busy, rushing, rushing

When I quit my job as Style Editor at Tatler magazine (I was done with sobbing in the loos every day thanks – no thanks – to then Fashion Director Isabella Blow – it was a time before bullying in the workplace was a thing), I began a new life as a freelancer. Aged 28 and working my own hours, I decided that being busy was a badge of honour – showed I was in demand, a sign of success. But it was when this busyness encroached into the sacred space of family and friends – that’s when I realised… busy isn’t success, it’s just a lack of priority. I now believe that success is about short periods of intense focus leaving plenty of room for things that matter; gassing on the phone to my mum, yoga retreats with girlfriends or just knocking about with a best friend over from LA. I’m learning to say no, while scheduling more mucking around. I’m leaving busy to the bees.

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This Month I’ll Be…

1. The only meat eater (shhhh!) at Farmacy’s vegan supper club.

2. Expecting great things from former River Café chef Theo Hill at Gold on Portobello Road.

3. Merrily lathering my locks with Fulvic Acid shampoo – it’s so good!


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The plug in motorino.

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