Post-Lockdown COVID Tiers UK: Can You Go On Holiday?

Post-Lockdown COVID Tiers UK: Can You Go On Holiday?

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As the government unveils which parts of England will face which tiers of coronavirus restrictions post-lockdown, what does this mean for your Christmas travel plans? Can you go on holiday after lockdown? Will staycations be allowed? And can you travel abroad for some winter sun or a ski holiday this December?

Covid-19: Can I Still Go On Holiday?

Read the full travel guidelines on the website. 

As of 3 December, post-lockdown, those living in areas under tier 1 or 2 restrictions will be able to go on staycation holidays. Those living under tier 3 restrictions should not travel to or stay in other areas of the country, and hospitality businesses will remain closed, so UK holidays will not be possible. International travel has not been banned legally under any of the tiers, but quarantines are still in operation and other countries are constantly changing their own terms of entry and exit, so it is advisable to check before booking. The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) is currently advising against travel to most destinations, so check before making a booking as your travel insurance may not be valid in many locations.

Find out which tier your area is in.

If you are living in an area under tier 2 restrictions such as London, you can take a holiday within the UK, however, you must only travel and stay with members of your own household or bubble.

Travel Restrictions For Tier 3

Under tier 3 restrictions, travel is to be avoided unless necessary for work purposes under the new government guidelines. If you have to cancel holiday bookings due to tier 3 COVID conditions, you should try and cancel or rearrange your holiday and seek a refund if postponement is not possible. Based on CMA guidelines, those impacted by tier 3 restrictions should be entitled to a refund.

What About Travel To Scotland & Wales?

Travel to Scotland and Wales is currently not permitted from the UK unless there is a ‘reasonable excuse’ such as work reasons.

What About Christmas?

From 23 December to 27 December there will be a relaxation of the coronavirus rules meaning that travel abroad will be allowed, as will the formation of larger three-household ‘bubbles’ so that families can celebrate Christmas together whether at home or abroad.

Where Can You Travel Abroad From The UK?

There is now a relatively long list of locations on the UK travel corridor list, meaning that if you arrive to the UK from any of the countries on the list you do not have to self-isolate for 14 days, making a holiday a realistic prospect. The full catalogue of countries on the UK travel corridor list can be found here and it currently includes Antigua and Barbuda, Barbados, Chile, Finland, some Greek islands, Iceland, Ireland, Japan, Norway, the Maldives and United Arab Emirates.

However, some countries have restrictions on entrants from the UK, so just because your return journey will be hassle free doesn’t mean that there’s a green light to travel. For example, those travelling to the Maldives will need to present a negative PCR test for COVID-19 from no more than 96 hours prior to departure to be granted admission on arrival. Check all local restrictions and protocols before you travel.

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