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Top Travel Trends 2019: Where to Go & How to Do It

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Top Travel Trends 2019: Where to Go & How to Do It

From waste-free eco-dining to transformational retreats, what’s trending on the travel scene?

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Nothing can put a dampener on your much-anticipated holiday quite like learning you’ve chosen last year’s hot destination, missed out on the opening du jour, and failed to tap into the most hashtag-able eco-tourism trend. Stay ahead of the jet-set pack and plan a year of on-trend adventuring with our guide to 2019’s top travel trends. Jet, set, go.

Travel Trends 2019: A Guide

Micro Trips

Who actually has time for a holiday anymore? This year is all about the two-day micro trip. Less downtime, more action, you can pack in a full exploration of a destination with a carefully planned itinerary and well-chosen flights. Check out our Micro Trips guide to start filling your weekends with adventures immediately, and prepare for an infinitely more interesting Instagram grid.

Better You Travel

…Although, you might need a little wellness break to recover from all these micro trips, of course. A week on the beach with a suitcase full of books is no longer considered to be quality ‘me-time’. Wellness travel goes the extra mile in 2019, and if you’re not coming back from your spa break with glowing skin, a few pounds lighter and feeling infinitely more serene, you’re missing out. The retreat possibilities are endless, but Lanserhof in Austria is the pick of the bunch. And what’s more, they’re headed for the capital, taking up residence in London Arts Club as London’s first medical gym.

Find more wellness retreats for transformative travel in our round-up

Travel Trends & A Waste-Free World

If you choose your holiday destination by the food on offer, you’re not alone, but in 2019 more than ever we are faced with the issue of what happens to the food that gets left on our plates. The zero waste food trend is high on the schedule for tourism with restaurants such as Silo in Brighton leading the way and new openings like Heckfield Place putting sustainable dining at the forefront of their plans with restaurants Marle and Hearth. Marriot International is aiming to reduce its food waste by 50% by 2025 and The Langham London is the first hotel in Europe to introduce a rapid composting system to deal with leftovers. Make sure your travel carbon footprint is etched in as green a shade as possible by choosing travel destinations putting eco-tourism at the top of their agenda.

Fishing at Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives

Fishing at Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives


…Which leads us nicely on to our next trend, ecotourism. If your holiday destination or accommodation doesn’t have any sustainability initiatives, it shouldn’t be on your shortlist. The Maldives is a tourism destination ahead of the eco-curve, not least because of its fragile ecosystem. The Shangri-La’s Villingili Resort & Spa, Maldives has announced a ‘Farm to Plate’ dining experience for 2019, in which guests will pick their own garden ingredients from the Chef’s Garden and catch their own fresh fish before enjoying a bespoke dinner under the Maldivian stars. If ‘grow your own’ is the future, we can’t think of a more beautiful place to learn.

Staycation Central

Brexiety (Brexit-related-anxiety) ruining your travel plans? Don’t worry, you’re not alone. The UK tourism industry is booming thanks to more of us than ever planning passport-proof getaways within our glorious borders. Try a weekend in the Lakes, a culinary tour of Oxford or a family-friendly-fortnight in beautiful Cornwall.

Motel Madness & Road Tripping

…And as more of us hop into our cars for UK road-tripping, the roadside accommodation market is going through some game-changing improvements. Check out Mollie’s Motel & Diner in Oxfordshire which has been given an American motel makeover courtesy of the Soho House group. It’s cool enough to warrant renting a classic convertible and donning your most eye-catching silk headscarf for a day-trip with a side of fried chicken. Speaking of renting cars, this is easier than ever to do in style.


It is a truth universally acknowledged that individual car ownership will one day be a thing of the past. By 2030 the government states that no new diesel or petrol cars will be sold and with the green revolution upon us in earnest we are all trying to do our best to dump our polluting vehicles or at least use them a bit more judiciously. This is why we’re excited by new car service THE OUT, which might even persuade Londoners to ditch the filthy Chelsea Tractor for good (the service is currently exclusively available in the capital). And why wouldn’t you if you only use your car on the odd occasion and it’s clogging up pavement space. This snazzy, app-based delivery service, which brings top of the range motors to your door and picks them up again when you’ve finished with them, works on the premise that it might both possibly save you money (depending on how much you drive) but also will take you on the road as a king or queen when the occasion arises.

Road Trips: Without the Planning

The Langley

Such is the increasing popularity of road trips that hotels are increasingly offering bookable itineraries to take the leg-work out of planning your adventure on four-wheels. The Luxury Collection group’s Epicurean Road Trips offer itineraries across the world, but start local and try their UK option, beginning at The Langley in Buckinghamshire, there is a country cooking experience followed by a chauffeur driven journey to The Wellesley Knightsbridge for a cigar and cognac tasting.

If you’re designing your own, you should plan your A to B with a few country inn overnighters. The Merry Harriers in Surrey or The Three Daggers in Edington are both great on-the-way stopovers, the latter of which making a great ‘group travel’ destination…

Take Your Mates

…Speaking of which, group travel is high on the travel trends agenda for 2019. Exclusively renting a villa, chalet or, let’s say, a castle for a few nights with a large group is more appealing than ever thanks to a growing number of luxury rental companies offering curated property listings of a certain genre. The Plum Guide and onefinestay both hand-pick their properties and have a host of options for design-loving parties of all sizes.

Personalised Travel

TCS World Travel

Luxury travel concierges are on the up, with their little black books helping to plan your dream holiday to a T. For a (hefty) price, you can have absolutely everything tailored to your wildest whims and desires, from securing your favourite room at an impossible-to-get-into hotel to what type of chocolate you’d like left on your pillow in the evenings – or, in the case of TCS World Travel, the family tree you didn’t even know you had. Partnering with Heritage Consultancy, the award-winning luxury tour operator will create bespoke legacy journeys inspired by your in-depth genealogy, connecting guests with their family tree, from meeting distant cousins in an ancestral village to following in a great-grandparent’s footsteps to the fields or factory where they worked. This is luxury personalised travel at its most, well, personal. More information at or call 020 7887 6048.

Travel Trends 2019: Hot Destinations


The jewel in Columbia’s crown is fast becoming a creative capital, with a thriving arts scene, rich history and buzzing nightlife. Catch the arts crowd at the annual Hay Festival, or check out the Blue Apple Beach House on Tierra Bomba island – they’re inviting ‘travellers of talent’ to take part in an artistic exchange: free bed and board in exchange for sharing their skills. Pretty cool, no?

Mainland Greece

Costa Navarino The Westin Pool

Costa Navarino The Westin Pool

We’re not saying it’s time to write off the gorgeous Greek Islands and all that they have to offer, but if you want to escape the crowds, it might be time to head back to the mainland and check out the southern region of Peloponnese, served by the increasingly well-serviced Kalamata international airport. Costa Navarino (one of our top family-friendly Greek destinations) put the region on the map back in 2010, but improved rail links and new luxe hotel openings will breathe extra life into the region this year.


Ever since it dropped it’s ‘j’ in favour of a double ‘l’ for good, Mallorca has been a luxury travel destination on the up. This year a slew of new boutique hotel and private accommodation additions including Palacio Can Marques in Palma and Villa Infinitum in Port d’Andratx make the prospect of a weekender on this Balearic gem increasingly appealing.


For the intrepid traveller, Syria is waiting. Read Peter Oborne’s guide to Syria for the Travel Issue of Country & Town House: ‘Once again ordinary people can come to Syria, so long as they take good advice, without a serious risk of being kidnapped or killed. This heartbreakingly beautiful country is open for business. And there are plenty of places to go.’

The Road to Damascus: Peter Oborne Travels to Syria

Book now: THE OUT costs £195 for first day of booking, and £100 per day thereafter for the Discovery Sport HSE. The Jaguar I-PACE and Range Rover Sport costs £295 for the first day and £150 for every day thereafter. The Range Rover Velar costs £275 for the first day and £140 for every day thereafter.

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