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How to Make the Most of Small Kitchens

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How to Make the Most of Small Kitchens

First rule: Don't skimp on fittings, says Vincent Glue

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No room to swing a cat? Vincent Glue from Smallbone of Devizes cooks up some savvy ideas for making the most of small kitchens…

1. Quality not quantity

A smaller space often allows more budget to be spent on finer materials and finishes. Darker and richer materials, such as natural woods and brass, should be mixed with bold colours to keep you bang on trend. But remember that the trick is to keep everything
in moderation.

2. Get the light right

If you are going to use darker materials, it is crucial to light the kitchen sensitively. Intelligent lighting both inside and outside cabinetry can enhance a more modest space. Using mirrors as splashbacks is an easy way to make rooms seem larger and brighter.

Smallbone Small Spaces Dark Kitchen

Use dark materials and high-spec finishes

3. Maximise workspace

When designing a small kitchen the biggest mistake you can make is to assume that maximising storage is most important. In doing so, you will end up with very little useable worktop, which is completely impractical. A flexible workspace is far more important in a restricted area.

4. Clear clutter

Minimise or combine gadgets, for example a Quooker fusion tap can replace your kettle and certain combination steam ovens can play the role of oven, microwave, grill and sous vide in one appliance. If it has not been switched on in three months – get rid of it.


5. Balance colour

Reserve darker finishes for the base cabinets and lighter shades above to heighten the room and increase the feeling of space in the sight line.

Smallbone Small Spaces Kitchen Larder

A larder saves space in the long run

TOP TIP: It might sound basic but well-planned storage solutions make the biggest difference. For example, plinth drawers are almost never specified but make use of almost all the void underneath the cabinets. A larder is another great way to make the most of the space you have because it keeps all your provisions and condiments in one place, easily accessible and well organised.

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